Scripture: The Solution to Mans' Problems

by the Editor



I have written quite a bit on the failings of the political system, but if we have a problem there must be a solution to it.

Man has amply shown over the millennia that we are no substitute for God's rule. We get things wrong (sometimes deliberately). People die and get hurt as a result of those who have tried to rule their own way. God's way is the only way that works.

Our problem is sin and this goes back to what went on between Eve, the Serpent and Adam in the Garden of Eden.

There is a solution to sin. This is the ransom sacrifice of God's Son, the Messiah.

I want to quote from the King James 1611 version, a saying from the Messiah in John Chapter 14 and Verse 6:

"Iesus saith vnto him, I am the Way, the Trueth, and the Life : no man commeth vnto the Father but by mee."

God is loving and has provided us with clarity here. He hasn't made it vague and ambiguous and shown us a few paths and left us to find where they lead. He has sent His Son and His Son has made the message clear to us that He is the way to the Father.

The name Iesus is today rendered Jesus in many translations although there is an argument that the correct English translation should be Joshua.

We do have problems in Britain. We have a Prime Minister in Theresa May, whom I am absolutely certain in a non-corrupt court would be found guilty of High Treason, but another different government of man is not going to solve the underlying problem of sin and nor can I say I am any better than Theresa May. I have sinned too and fallen short of the glory of God and on a great many occasions too, I am saddened to say. We need God's rule and we must read and follow his word.

Whilst I go on about High Treason, we should not make our nation or nationality an idol. There is one God and worship needs to be exclusively devoted to Him. I highlight the issue of treason as it is particularly relevant to current events and I hope it will help show people that something deeply wrong is going on and lead them to see we are in a spiritual battle going back to Eden.

There are of course many other big indicators which I say can help show we are in a spiritual battle such as 5G, the way people are jailed or mysteriously die if they get too involved in effective cures for any of the big diseases, the way our health agencies knowingly approve things that harm us and the way we have provable paedophile activity at Westminster.

I am not saying to attack these people doing this, I say love them, but call out their lies. If their lies are exposed to everyone then it starts to nullify how much damage they can do.

The solution is presented to us. Take the narrow path. The Messiah's sacrifice can bring you life eternal. Isn't that beautiful and worth remembering? No matter how bad things may get in these days don't lose sight of that hope and that love.