The Question of Taking Offence

by the Editor
Published 5/9/2022
Recently I heard a rather good sermon on the subject of taking offence or perhaps not taking offence. The sermon included how taking offence can be a snare.

Over recent years there has been much to take offence at such as a fake pandemic for one and yes it is right to find such an outright lie offensive, but we must not be consumed with offence and start needlessly taking offence at nothing. If you know people who fell for the fake pandemic then that doesn't mean you have to take offence at them. This sermon covers how people took offence at the Messiah as they had maybe seen Him grow up or maybe saw Him as the local carpenter may have missed his great ministry through perhaps taking offence at the idea that a man who was the local carpenter could do something so great. In many ways there is some sort of a mirror for the convid scam to be observed as many fell for the inverse of this situation and couldn't belieive that "trusted" scientists were wrong or lying. Obviously the Saviour is a different case entirely to us as we are fallible and He is not, but it's perhaps helpful to not let ourselves be played by taking offence.

Forgiveness is important and obviously justice is too. People have been deliberately lied to over the course of the fake pandemic and that hasn't stopped yet. Obviously anyone aware of the truth with a heart is going to find this offensive on the level that a great wrong has taken place, but rather than being wound up in offence, apply truth and love to the situation and let's continue to expose what is going on.

I also picked up a wonderful tip of thanking God in prayer. AS well as our concerns and troubles, take our thanks to God for what we do have and the victory over darkness, including the darkness we are going through at the moment.

Taking Offence Sermon (click to watch)