Scripture: Proverbs 15, Verse 1

by the Editor
Published 11/11/2018

Proverbs 15 Verse 1: " A soft answere turneth away wrath: but grieuous words stirre vp anger."

King James 1611 Translation

For this article we are going to look at the scripture above.

This scripture is beautiful and makes so much sense. Dealing with a situation, even when you have been badly wronged with kind and gentle words, brings about a much better solution than flying off the handle. This is not to make light of any wrong that has been done, any wrongdoer must be given loving discipline to help them prosper, but discipline done in a loving way is so much better than done in a negative way.

I wanted to work in a promise which I will try to adhere to in future with the Craven Freedom. With this site, I am trying to raise awareness that something is very wrong on the earth. A spiritual battle is going on. As part of that we need to stand up to wrongdoing of all kinds in a loving manner.

Sometimes my words are very cutting and blunt, so in future I am going to try to adhere to this scripture and address matters in a more loving way.

As part of this I want to offer a helping hand. I have been very critical of LGBT and I will remain of the standpoint that these practices are wrong. There can be no question about that, but if anyone who suffers with those particular sins is reading and wants to talk to someone, please email me. You can do so anonymously if you want. We have a responsibility in these days to help people overcome such sins.

The Craven Freedom will continue to stand against wrongdoing, but I am going to urge forgiveness and love as the solution to our issues. LGBT is a particular issue for me because whilst all sin is bad, this particular one is being branded as desirable by the authorities and this is something which must be rebuffed. The eternal wellbeing of those who are afflicted with LGBT desires is at stake. If we let them believe nothing is wrong with what they are doing and don't preach good news to them of how they can be saved, are we not bloodguilty of their destruction for failing to warn them? We must all do our best to help each other.