5G: Totnes and Kingsbridge Town Strike Back

by the Editor
Published 19/10/2019

Moratoriums are being imposed on 5G by various councils.

Whilst these rulings will almost certainly be ignored by the government, excellent decisions like these are huge first steps towards getting the dangers of this invasive technology imprinted in the public consciousness.

This is similar to how local councils ruled against fracking. Notably there was the case of Lancashire County Council being overruled by Sajid Javid when he was Communities Secretary.

Please share this information widely and look at the other information the site holds on 5G in the 5G, IoT and the Surveillance State section.

We must bring pressure to bear on Craven District Council, North Yorkshire County Council and the local councils such as Skipton Town Council.

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News Article

News Article

2G-4G are the signals that are currently in the Craven area in this area. To anyone who has a EMF measuring device you will be able to see that a phone call or a text message on any of these frequencies breaches the safety limits.

The current masts put out a signal which spreads out over the coverage area, but with 5G we get phased array. Phased array means that instead of a few masts putting out the signals over a big area, there will instead be thousands of transmitters added onto lamp posts all over our country. 5G and the Internet of Things simply wouldn't work properly without all this setup, but it brings a soup of radiation which means we would all be in essence living next to masts.

The LED street lights are a key part of this. These have been installed in Craven in recent years. These are "Smart City Ready". This means a 5G module can be easily fitted on to these.

Contact your local representatives and make them aware of this.