New Zealand PM Admits Google Tracking the British

by the Editor
Published 8/6/2020

Today I found an outright admission which The Guardian attributes to Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand PM) that Google have been tracking the people of Britain:

"New Zealanders had “massively reduced their movements”, Ardern said; according to Google data, people had stayed at home more than residents in Australia, Britain and the United States had."

This was reported by The Guardian: - an archived copy is available here for if this is modified or deleted at a later time:

It doesn't specifically say to what level this tracking is going on and I haven't heard Ardern say the above myself, but I would argue that if we take this at face value that The Guardian have reported this correctly, Google or someone analyzing the Google data must be spying on people to ascertain where home is and to track their movements in relation to their home.

Is this acceptable to you? Maybe I'm missing some logical step here, but this seems like a clear act of snooping to me? Worse is coming down the pipeline with future smart technology.

My advice is either don't have a mobile phone or if you must, have one that you can take the battery and SIM out of. Take them both out other than when you need to use it.

I've made it clear that I believe COVID-19 is a vast manipulation. If there is a single new ailment going round called COVID-19, it in no way warrants the lockdowns and the associated death and hardship the lockdowns have caused and are continuing to cause.

Do your own research and if you find what I am saying to be correct, you will realise the lockdown is unlawful and remember you are perfectly within the law to say no to the restrictions. Act out of love and help gently bring others out of the fog of fear.