The Internet of Things: A Recipe for Disaster

by the Editor
Published 26/8/2018
Amended 17/12/2019
Amended minorly 10/11/2020 and also removed some Mark Steele material after questions have arisen about some of his research and material

As you may have seen the Craven Freedom is firmly against 5G, but what about other element of this hat trick of treason, the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The plan is for the Internet of Things to bring amongst other things, self driving cars to the masses (perhaps removing car ownership and replacing it with a system where you book a car when you need one), to further the reach of cancer and dementia linked smart meters, to connect nearly everything to the Internet including things such as bins (imagine being automatically fined if you put the wrong rubbish in the wrong bin - since I originally wrote this article this is now coming to fruition), hairbrushes and perhaps even your own brain with the rise of transhumanism.

Wheelie Bin

Any inquisitive person would think of smart cars and perhaps ask if they could be remotely hijacked. This issue isn't addressed as much as it should be whilst the IoT steams ahead. Smart cars have already been hacked and will continue to be hacked. For example reported back in 2015 of an experiment where hackers gained remote control of the Uconnect system of a Jeep Cherokee going at 70MPH on a public road and brought it to a stop. This same exploit was reportedly present in nearly half a million cars.

Imagine a smart city with half a million cars being slammed into each other, into pedestrians and monuments. The potential for remote hacking by finding universal exploits in a model or by physical uploading your own firmware on to a car are fairly obvious. If anyone tells you these things are not vulnerable to the same hacks we have seen happen to games consoles by homebrew afficiandos and pirates down the years, then they either don't know what they are talking about or they are lying. Once hacked these cars could be rammed in to whatever the hacker decides and the potential exists for this to be done remotely where the attacker is outside the jurisdiction of our laws.

In addition not long ago there was a case reported (I don't remember who by) of a thief being remotely locked in a car and kept there until the Police apprehended him. From memory I think this was in America. Now in this case the thief got what he or she deserved, we can't argue with that, but look at this from a different angle. For example, someone has it in for you in a position of authority and has you locked in your car and potentially driven straight to prison.

You may have noticed the recent drive to get you to have a smart meter. Please be patient with some of the people being tasked to sell these as they don't all know the dangers.

Smart Meter

If you have one get it removed as soon possible to protect you, your family and your friends from the radiation and spying it exposes you to. From the records these devices produce it is possible to have a good idea of when you will not be in the house and then burgle you accordingly. Hackers can access all this data if they manage to compromise your "smart" meter.

It is said that smart meters put out nearly 100 (and some studies say 1000) times the radiation a mobile phone does (see links section below). It may be that you don't know, but mobile phones are not meant to be pressed against the head as direct skin contact with a mobile phone puts radiation into you that breaches even the authorities' accepted safe levels.

It is also worth noting that smart meters produce dirty electricity. This is a health hazard as it can cause us to suffer high blood pressure, tinnitus, insomnia, cognitive difficulties and other ailments. There is a link to 2 excellent articles on dirty electricity at the bottom of the page. I must add that any non-analogue meter and not just smart meters are potential sources of dirty electricity

If your energy company are pestering you to get a smart meter send them a Notice of Non-Consent and Liability

There are many links which I have put at the bottom of this article to get you started, but sadly again we have the government pushing technology on us which is linked with cancer and dementia. There is some imbalance as the government taxes us on plastic bags to save the environment and then signs off on a frack in Lancashire. The Stop Smart Meters UK site which I have linked to includes a section on the Take Back your Power movement who have done some useful work on tackling on this assault on the earth.

What can you do about this? Talk about it, spread the word. When the evidence is presented to more people, we can challenge this more effectively.

Recommended links (of course please be cautious as whilst it is provable there is a clear privacy threat, there's much debate on the exact specifics related to the health issues, there are some outlandish claims out there as well as valid ones and the outlandish claims are harmful to the truth):

PDF: Wireless Technology: The Worst Threat to our Health Personal Privacy Democracy and National Security in Canada’s Entire History by Jerry Flynn - I came across this and put it here for your examination I can't verify everything in it as my area of expertise is more on the scurity and technological side, but all comments are welcomed

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