Dependence on Technology

by the Editor
Spelling and grammar errors corrected - 18/11/2020

On the face of it a time where computers do our tiresome chores for us may seem like some kind of utopia, but many think that our dependence on technology will lead to us being enslaved by it and I agree that is a strong possibility and that we can see strong signs of this already within society.

I will be presenting the dangers of this in this article, but I will also look to present another facet of this that I think could be done to achieve what those who wrote the Georgia guidestones want (a population of under 500 million) That is that when masses of the population are totally reliant on automated systems, which would in itself have killed a lot of people off, that the plug may be pulled on these systems leaving a society of people with little idea of how to produce food, find water and keep warm. Total chaos would ensue and mass deaths from dehydration and starvation.

If we go back to the 1980s and 1990s if we wanted a book, the local book shop could order it in. People were also more knowledgeable I think on how to look after themselves. These days a monopoly called Amazon is destroying local book stores. This has also been followed devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home which people now have run their lives and which people will ask how to do things. People are becoming dependent on these machines to the point where if the plug was pulled they may not know how to make their own lunch. This is clearly a bad idea even if those creating them were provably benevolent because people are dependent on these things for organising their lives and preparing food just how would people function in the event of a mass computer systems failure for a prolonged period?

Making our lives massively dependent on computers is a bad idea. Computers can have good use and if they had stayed as wired in machines which people use to gain information and not as personal secretaries that could have been the ideal balance. I don't deny computers and the internet have been crucial in exposing some of the falsehoods that society was once blinded by. A lot of people have been woken up via the internet and it has been an invaluable tool to me. The problem in today's society is the balance is wrong.

Take driverless cars for example. Now you may say wonderful and at one level they could be, but when you are being irradiated by a 5G phased array grid used to help control them and people are getting cancer and dementia as a result, it is not good. It is also not good that these devices are an IT security nightmare. They cannot be put on our roads and called safe as they can, will and have been hacked. It doesn't take a genius to work out that remotely crashing things into each other from the safety of the internet would be a dream come true to some depraved minds.

If it wasn't for the fact that I am certain the Internet of Things is a deliberate attack on us, I would seriously question the reasoning ability and intelligence of those behind it.

Another thing worth noting is the drive for computers that can think independently. That is, not simple automation where the computer directly obeys lines of code, but where the computer makes decisions in a way that we do. Such systems would of course be an act of madness as who is to say the machines wouldn't decide to get rid of us? We have no way of knowing what would happen. The machines could decide to be good or evil. We decided to defy our creator so who is to say these machines wouldn't also go rogue. The bad thing for us is we don't wield almighty power like God and these machines would be quicker and more efficient than us in ways that would give them an edge.

I speak as someone qualified in the industry in saying that technology is going too far. It needs to be reigned back to more like it was in the 1990s. The right balance must be struck.

As a closing note, if anyone reading this has an Amazon Echo (Alexa) or similar device, I would advise to dispose of it immediately. It is a spy device and also not natural. It takes the human element out of life; talking to a machine to do things for you instead of doing it yourself.