Microchips in Hands: The Globalist Control Agenda

by the Editor
Published 5/5/2022

The BBC is well known for pushing agendas and seems to act ceaselessly in promoting globalist agendas. One particular recent article on the BBC caught my attention. It relates to putting microchips in people's hands.

You can view the article below:
BBC Microchip Article
Archived Version

The title of the article is very striking: The microchip implants that let you pay with your hand

Anyone with a modicum of knowledge of the globalist agenda will have alarm bells ringing at this point. This is a clear attempt to normalise further tracking and tracing of people. A complete digital control system where your money can be turned off or stolen at will if you don't kowtow to the latest government lie. Also it presents a loss of privacy. Every purchase logged ready for analysis and your whereabouts tracked by virtue of where you use the microchip.

The BBC manage to slide in a carefully selected survey alleging 51% would consider being chipped. The survey in question seems to have been carried out on behalf of Marqeta (a "payment solutions" company) and the document the BBC link has 2030 on it which shows clear undertones of Agenda 2030.

Privacy concerns are brushed aside and the technology is branded as safe and secure. I would argue it is neither safe nor secure. There is a brief piece on concerns people have, before we are resolutely told: "There are no risks". Yes BBC, just like there was no risk with the convid jabs. Quite frankly if someone cannot see the obvious risks that these microchips pose then I am astounded, although given the man quoted as saying this has a vested interest via the company he founded called BioTeq, I suspect it may be that he well knows the risks and the BBC are giving him free advertising space as it goes along with the globalist control agenda.

My advice to you is don't let them chip you.