Digital ID Plans Afoot, but the Tide is Turning

by the Editor
Published 9/1/2022

Many of us have been aware for some time that people like those in Parliament, big tech, big pharma and the likes of Tony Blair want digital ID to be introduced for everyone. Blair famously was unsuccessful during his time as Prime Minister in bringing in an enforced national ID card scheme. He has been quite prominent in pushing the treasonous vaccine passport campaign during the course of the plandemic scam.

It's with all this in my that I ask if the below is part of getting everything into place to start converting the despicable NHS vaccine passport app into something that the government plan to control every aspect of our day to day lies with?

Digital identity document validation technology (IDVT) - GOV.UK (

Digital identity document validation technology (IDVT) - GOV.UK (

Also look at this with regards microchipping people:

Covid microchip: UK startup says technology WILL be able to track your every move | Science | News |

Covid microchip: UK startup says technology WILL be able to track your every move | Science | News | (

We have a government pushing lies such as the climate change/global warming lie and the Covid-19 lie. These lies are building towards an end goal which is the total enslavement of man, woman and child to a small group of people, along with culling and sterilising a large number of the population. It's not hard to see why many people are linking current events to end time Bible prophecies.

However, the tide is turning and people should be encouraged. A huge fight back has been raging over the course of this sorry episode. I think we are now seeing the fruits of this. More people are seeing through the mask mandates and not wearing a mask this time. In England we haven't had the much expected Christmas/new year lockdown. We mustn't let complacency creep in, we must all keep on doing the right things and helping others, but be of good courage as the scales are tipping back in our favour I think.

If you want to get involved in making a better future and are local to the area try this group:

Wharfedale Wakeup

You can join the local Telegram chat group for Wharfedale Wakeup here: Telegram: Contact @wharfedalewakeup

The government in conjunction with the Behavioural Insights Team and other malign entities have been using hypnosis techniques on you. There is high level criminality and treason afoot.

Stand firm, give these criminals a Winter of Non-Compliance and pray to God for Him to demolish this wickedness.

Live every day in the victory of the Lamb, the precious Son of God and do not fear or despair.