Danny Kruger MP and the Move to a Cashless Economy

by the Editor
Published 9/10/2022

Not much really needs to be said here, in conjunction with the recent article (click here to read it) about microchips in hands for payments, we now have had in recent weeks, the MP Danny Kruger saying in Parliament the words "as we move towards a cashless economy". This must be stood against, a cashless economy is a dictatorship. Your money could have a use by date, you will have limits on what you can buy and they will be able to limit how much. Gone would be the days of giving a family member some money in cash, there'd be a tax opportunity to be had there for a dictatorship.

Take a look at the video below. This is where they were trying to take us with the fake pandemic, now that little plan has been foiled they are trying alternative routes. Here is the evidence of the intent to go cashless: