5G Halted in Brussels

by the Editor
3/6/2019 (minor addition made on 27/5/2020)

Stop 5G

A 5G pilot has been halted in Brussels over safety concerns. This excellent decision was announced by Belgian government minister Celine Fremault. She had this to say:

“I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not. The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt."

Please see the report at the below link:


What is more, according to this article below there has even been troubles getting 4G in Brussels so should we not show this same level of caution or more in Britain?


Meanwhile here in Britain, the 5G promotional articles and an EE 5G television advert have started.

The EE advert shows an elderly Manchester City fan elated to be able to watch his team at the cup final with a virtual reality headset.

I'd encourage readers to never use these 5G devices. The adverts don't mention the impact that watching a whole game of football with this device strapped on to his head will have on the poor gentleman. If he actually did have a 5G virtual reality headset on his head and the thing wasn't all staged for the purposes of the advert, then it is disastrous that this has been done to an elderly gentleman who probably has no idea of the harm these things do to people. If he was a true Manchester City fan, he probably immensley enjoyed watching his team win the FA Cup and as such it is bound to make the technology seem attractive to some.

To anyone considering 5G I encourage you to sit down and count the cost. Is it worth getting a brain tumour or dementia to experience being in the crowd at a football game from your armchair? If you are set on experiencing that, go to a football match for real and protect your health from 5G.

As covered before on this website, 5G is a killer technology that causes cancer, dementia and other ailments. Please see the video below for some accurate information on 5G.

The BBC published this in relation to the 5G kick off:

"Professor Rodney Croft from the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection explains how it works.

Electromagnetic radiation used for the 5G signal works on the same principle as a microwave but there's a limit on the temperature rise of half a degree. In reality, he says, you wouldn't even get that. The increased numbers of base stations being put in place for 5G mean that you can get the faster data transfer with lower levels of electromagnetic radiation exposure than we're currently exposed to.

"Technologies are converging on lower levels of exposure because it's much more efficient," he says.

"The end result is we’re talking about very low temperature changes and although you can go up to half a degree, in reality you wouldn’t see any temperature changes if you’re in the community and there are base stations around helping your phone operate."

5G will see phased array transmitters put on lamp posts throughout the country. This is not simply an issue of temperature. These frequencies pass through the body and are deleterious to health. They do cause cancer. The existing data shows that 1G-4G are causing cancer. 5G is a military technology and will involve unsafe devices being placed in vast numbers on our street lights. Existing wireless devices such as routers already breach the official international safety limits and proof of that is planned for an upcoming article.

Additionally it is not even simply an issue of the level of radiation, the frequencies also play a part. Different frequencies do different things. You can even project a voice into someone's head with the right frequency. There is a military technology called Voice to Skull (V2K) amd that can make you hear voices in your head.

Half a degree can make quite a difference to the body as well. It can be the tipping point between consciousness and passing out.

There is also the system called Active Denial which puts out a frequency which gives you an unbearable feeling under your skin and makes you run away. This is used to disperse crowds or keep people away from specific areas so to limit the discussion on this to temperature is to miss a large degree of the harm that can be caused.

For Rodney Croft to suggest that we will have lower levels of radiation is something which I don't think is accurate. I wonder if each transmitter puts out less than a mast. If so that is completely overriden by the fact that we are going to be saturated by what are effectively mini masts if this goes ahead, we will all be very close to numerous mini masts as opposed to a distance from one big mast. The very nature of this predicament means that we will be bombarded with these signals and from my experience with EMF measurement devices I would expect the radiation exposure to go up. You can currently get some very low radiation readings outdoors in Skipton compared to the values you get inside houses with WiFi on. If we fit radioactive devices to each street light, I cannot see how that value is going to decrease. Again the radiation levels outside in Skipton compared to when you go near WiFi are planned in to be covered in an article that I hope to publish very shortly (and which I am sorry I didn't get round to doing).

Obviously the point needs to be made that the radiation levels in Skipton will be much safer in general than in the big cities which already have outdoor WiFi networks in place. Personally I feel a lot healthier in Skipton than I do when I take trips into Leeds. Some may argue what the cause of that is, but I think the fact that there are less trees and more WiFi in central Leeds are great contributers to why I feel this way.

It also needs mentioning that experts on wavelengths are very worried about 5G and I have heard from one that amongst the wavelengths of 5G there is the possibility to kill someone by aiming some frequencies at parts of the brain for long enough. It is worrying that 5G could weaponise the country's street lighting infrastructure into something that if hacked might be able to be used as a terrorist death ray.

Speed wise there is absolutely no reason that we need 5G. 4G which shouldn't be allowed itself is more than fast enough. It is sad that watching the latest media put out by the media companies at a higher quality or being able to download it faster is placed aboved our health.

I have expertise in the IT security side of things and when it comes to 5G which is planned to service the Internet of Thins (IoT), I can safely say (and I say this not to blow my own trumpet) that this is an idea that is incredibly dangerous. It doesn't take any great knowledge of computers to expose it as such. Technological devices such as self driving cars can be hacked, have been hacked and will continue to be hacked. To weaponise our motorways by setting up 5G and then having it relay instructions to these cars is an idea which Primary School children will be able to see the clear dangers in. It may well be a hard job to find an exploit in these devices and I am not saying the initial hacks don't take work, but once someone has an exploit and publishes it to a wider community on the internet you will find that people with no major technological skills will be able to hack these devices using tools designed to do the hacking for them.

If you are concerned about this technology and want to get involved in a group to try to stop this, please contact me at editor@cravenfreedom.com

We need to make people aware of what is going on and give them the evidence. I am hoping some of you reading will take up this offer and join me. The time to act really is now. It is going to be a lot easier if we manage to get North Yorkshire County Council to refuse to allow it on the street lights rather than getting it removed once it is up there and people realise the damage it is causing.

The British people are intelligent, they have guts as shown by voting against the European Union again recently in the European elections and I am sure there are people seeing through 5G. It is time we as a nation started to do what is right on a grand scale. We can all do it. Things like not being afraid to say that GcMAF cures cancer, not being afraid to lovingly say men are men and women are women if you have a diversity course at work that tries to teach you that gender is fluid, when quite clearly it isn't.

There's so much good in our area, the beautiful countryside, the relatively easy life we enjoy in this area. We have it so easy compared to many. With 5G surely we should seek to protect those it will harm and to alert people that we want a healthy environment for everyone.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we as a nation were pleasing to God. I encourage all readers to find out what God wants themselves, I am not for one minute saying that I speak for Him, I would not dare make such an assertion.

By all means email in any corrections if anything in this article is wrong.