5G: Coming to a Lamp Post Near You

by the Editor
18/1/2019 (slightly changed to add a less critical tone on 27/5/2020)
Removed Mark Steele court case videos and light maintenance of article performed - 11/11/2020

It has been far too long since I wrote about the dangers of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT).

I include below the documentation for the LED street lighting that was put up recently in Craven. LED lights themselves are argued as bad for our health, but that is perhaps for another article, though do research yourself what LED lighting does to the body.

OrangeTek ARIALED Street Light Product Specification - Click to Read

As you will see they are "Smart City Ready". You may be asking what this means. Well, it means they are ready for transmitters to be fitted to them which would have the side effect of irradiating you.

5G Street Light
I'm led to believe this component circled above is the transmitter that can be fitted to these new lamp posts.

5G transmitters are planned to be fitted nationwide to the street lights. 5G is deleterious to the health of the population as is the already existing wireless technology. Miscarriages and brain tumours are just some of the consequences levelled at this appalling technology. You may also want to research the deaths of bees linked to technologies like 5G.

5G will facilitate the Internet of Things (IoT). This would weaponise the roads as smart cars can be hacked and stopped or remotely controlled. We could have a situation where people find themselves remotely locked in their cars and rammed into things by terrorists. That is not a theory, that is a real possibility. No IT system can be called completely secure and it has already been proven that smart cars are vulnerable to being controlled remotely.

Click here to read an article about a smart car hack - Also archived here

You may also have noticed the propaganda in the mainstream promoting smart meters. Paid for advertisements masquerading as news articles, with false information from people called experts contained in this propaganda. Make no mistake, smart meters spy on you, they can be hacked, they can be used to aid burglaries, they emit dirty electricity and collectively they push a vast amount of radiation into home and the surrounding environment. These devices cause cancer and other ailments. Do not have one at your home (you are not lawfully obliged to have one) and if you do already have one get someone qualified to remove it and replace it with an old style meter. If the energy company don't like this then tell them it is tough and that they are breaking the law by fitting these things and causing harm to people.

I am going to urge that readers contact their local councils, officials and police to demand that this does not come to your area and that furthermore it is stopped nationwide.

I include some local contacts below for this area that you can contact. The police are included as 5G constitutes a crime with what it does to people. As always please be respectful, but at the same time firm and to the point. It is important that we make these people aware of the effect 5G would have on them and their families, as we should show concern for everyone. Many people working for the companies pushing this agenda do not know how bad it really is. It is up to us to alert them.

This is not about punishing people over these agendas, it is about us all looking after each other and that includes us being loving towards those pushing these agendas.

Some of these people may end up being on the same side as us.

Mayor of Skipton
Alan Hickman,
Mayor of Skipton,
Skipton Town Council,
Town Hall,
High Street,
BD23 1FD

Skipton Town Council
Email: admin@skiptontowncouncil.gov.uk
Telephone: 01756 700553

Craven District Council
Paul Shevlin,
Chief Executive,
Craven District Council,
1 Belle Vue Square,
Broughton Road,
North Yorkshire,
BD23 1FJ

Email: pshevlin@cravendc.gov.uk
Telephone: 01756 706201/01756 706204 (I believe one of these is his direct line, but am not certain)

General Telephone for Craven District Council: 01756 700600

North Yorkshire County Council

Richard Flinton,
Chief Executive,
North Yorkshire County Council,
County Hall,
North Yorkshire,

Email: richard.flinton@northyorks.gov.uk
Telephone: 01609 533304 (I cannot guarantee this is or will remain his number, but I reasonably believe it to be correct)

General Telephone for North Yorkshire County Council: 01609 780780

North Yorkshire Police
Lisa Winward,
Chief Constable,
North Yorkshire Police,
Alverton Court,
Crosby Road,
North Yorkshire,

Email: lisa.winward@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

Julian Smith
The House of Commons,

Email: julian.smith.mp@parliament.uk
01756 795898 (Constituency Office) or 0207 219 4866 (Westminister Office)


To conclude this article I am going to ask for anyone that wants to get involved with the Craven Freedom to get in touch at editor@cravenfreedom.com

God and His Son, the Messiah have already provided the victory, but there are still people to be awoken to the reality of this spiritual battle before it concludes. In a broader contect, spiritual weapons of sin are in use ('m referring to the general non-Christian attitude that runs through society). As a nation we are not close to God, we have drifted from his standards of morality and we need to get back to them. We all need the full armour of God and to stand strong with each other against the attacks that are ongoing.

Useful Links and Advice

Stop Smart Meters - A resource in opposition of Smart Meters

5G Exposed - A brilliant site full of useful information such as this below:

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