5G Court Case in Gateshead

by the Editor
Published 13/10/2018 (rewritten more kindly on 3/6/2020 and 12/6/2020)
Rewritten majorly - 10/11/2020

Since this judgment there has been much argument as to whether all Mark Steele's research is valid so I felt the need to amend this article. I cast no judgment on this, but as always advise caution and checking things you read for validity.

Please watch Ian R. Crane's video, including a speech from Mark Steele below. I would caution we don't jump to conclusions about Gateshead City Councils' intentions and have a loving attitude to this matter, but we should stand against 5G.

Judge Nolan deserves recognition. It would have been so easy for him to side with Gateshead City Council, but he didn't. I believe he got a well deserved applause at the court case.