5G: The Sectionings Begin?

by the Editor
Published 19/9/2018 (Removed dead link on 3/6/2020 and corrected spelling mistakes), slight edit to opening line on 15/6/2020
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Ban 5G

The 5G agenda may have taken a new and potentially very worrying turn yesterday.

Suzanne Small has been sectioned according to reports, potentially for speaking to her Doctor about 5G after researching the health issues it causes.

She is being held here:
Farnham Road Hospital,
Farnham Road,

03005 555 222

Suzanne has been interviewed by the Richie Allen Show at the link below, where she speaks from the hospital.

Interview with Suzanne Small

Now, I can only take these reports at face value and do not know if there is anything more to it. It may be she did talk to the Doctor about 5G, but was sectioned for a different reason. I intend to do some research, but I expect to be stonewalled with data protection reasons.

If any readers want to politely telephone Farnham Road Hospital and report back the results, I will happily publish them.

Suzanne Small

I have run articles on 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) before. Please see the link below:

The Internet of Things: A Recipe for Disaster

If and I do state if, we are now having people being given this treatment for questioning 5G, then a line has been crossed.

The Craven Freedom has today emailed local MP Julian Smith to ask for his views on this matter:


"Dear Julian Smith

The Craven Freedom wants to publish some comments from you on 5G.

You can read on the website in the Technology section under the News tab what Craven Freedom thinks of 5G, but we want your comments.

Do you support the setup of 5G?

What are your views on the health impacts it causes such as still births, cancer and dementia?

Will you stand in Parliament as a representative of this community and demand this technology be scrapped?

We look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely
The Craven Freedom Editor"


For my part, I will say 5G must be stopped. It cannot be allowed to go ahead. If it does death and illness awaits many of us.

The government surely must have the common sense to realise that 5G will harm them too? If not, we live in desperate times.

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