5G Trial for North Yorkshire

by the Editor
Published 24/2/2020

Stop 5G

A shocking piece of news broke on the Stray FM website recently (see the link below), 5G the national security threat is to be tested in North Yorkshire. We need to push back on this.


As covered many times before by the Craven Freedom, this technology is a threat to health and it also presents a security threat with it being heavily tied into the Internet of Things (IoT). On top of this there is absolutely no need for 5G technology. 4G which itself isn't good for you, is more than fast enough.

Why are the government and local authorities not stopping this technology from harming people? They are aware of the concerns surrounding this technology, something which I can personally state as fact as I (and others before me) have contacted various governmental and local authority departments with evidence of the harms, demanding that this technology be stopped.

In my experience, I got either passed on, brushed off or sent quotes about irrelevant research done on old non-5G technology, which I happen to think isn't particularly good research either.

So what is the way to stop this. It is pressure in numbers. That means anyone reading this article who is concerned needs to get in touch with their MP and local authorities and complain. Also, please tell other people and spread the word. If we don't our silence will be taken as consent.

5G and the Internet of Things, whilst they are two different things, remain heavily interlinked. 5G would basically provide the backbone for this Internet of Things network which provides the potential for everything and everyone (yes that includes you) to become a node on the internet.

On Cisco courses they have a very creepy saying of the "Human Network".

Relentless pressure must be brought to bear to stop this project.

Last year a 5G pilot was stopped in Brussels. Belgian government minister Celine Fremault had this to say:

“I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not. The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt."

Here is a very in depth video, you may have already seen this previously on the site, but for those who haven't I am including this in the article. You may want to direct others such as MPs to this video.

Please remember that the public beat fracking, we can beat this too.

Stop 5G