5G, Phased Array and EMP = Targeted Vaporisations?

by the Editor
Published 23/7/2019 (modified to add a kinder tone on 28/5/2020)
Source Added on 15/6/2020

Mark Steele is back with discussion where he discusses how 5G, phased array and EMPs could be used to literally vaporise people (see the bottom of the article).

Whilst EE and others talk about getting the infrastructure in place for this, we desperately need people to spread the truth and get this technology stopped. There is no need for 5G, absolutely none. The current 4G is not healthy and offers more than adequate speeds. Why is this sinister 5G technology being pushed forward when firstly what we have is unhealthy and secondly there is no need for it?

The facts must be taken to the masses. This technology can be stopped and it must be stopped. This is a matter of life and death ultimately. If this technology gets traction then whether it is by cancer, by dementia or by vaporisation from someone malicious using the system, countless people will suffer and die at the hands of this awful weapons system masquerading as something that can do things like help the elderly with smart homes.

I have seen evidence (I will not disclose where this has come from, but I ask you to take my word for this) that the Campaign for a Smarter Britain (who are a smart meter group propaganda group) are giving (or granting in their words) substantial sums of money to at least one local support agency to try to coerce the elderly into having a smart meter. It seems they aren't happy at the lack of take up on smart meters (which hopefully means people are educated to the dangers).

*15/6/2020: I can now reveal this is Yorkshire Housing as per this article on their own website: https://www.yorkshirehousing.co.uk/news/yorkshire-housing-dialling-up-smart-meter-interest/ - Page archived here for if it is deleted.

Should the Campaign for a Smarter Britain want to take issue with the fact above, I am more than happy to have this matter heard in a common law court where I would be able to furnish proof of this.

As I have said, out of respect from where I have sourced it from I am asking readers to take my word on this that I have seen the evidence and this is true. The support agencies I will not necessarily blame as I think they are being manipulated into seeing it as something that will help the vulnerable people they deal with. Without knowing the spying and health effects that "smart" technology has then of course they would want to do something that that as far as they are concerned will help. For the elderly reading this or if you know anyone elderly being targeted by this campaign, do not get a smart meter.

If you are a support worker being tasked to push smart meters, please be brave and push back. I know this can be hard to do, but 5G and smart meters tie together. Yes it may be true that by spying on the elderly with things like smart meters you can detect early signs of Dementia and Alzheimer's, but consider that the device itself is a cause of Dementia and Alzheimer's so by installing one you can cause one of the very things that you may be being told it helps to catch early. The energy companies are using you as a sales person and are manipulating your caring side by not giving you the full facts. They know you would never recommend one to that little old lady they are targeting to be smart metered if you knew it could kill her.

The Craven Freedom is happy to assist anyone who needs evidence to present to support workers etc that smart meters are not safe and I remind you all that you are not obliged to have a smart meter and have every lawful right to say no to one.

Should anyone reading this need someone to stand with them and provide assistance to help head off any push for a smart meter on your property please contact editor@cravenfreedom.com

The above offer is open to support workers too so that you have the evidence to go to your bosses with and tell them the elderly must be protected from this agenda.

Whilst this agenda is outrageous and some may argue it deserves to be flatly dismissed, we must keep informing others of the reasons and the evidence for rejecting 5G and smart meters. There is hard evidence, this is not some flight of fancy.

Back on to the trigger for me writing this video which is Mark Steele stating that 5G in conjunction with other things such as an EMP could create a targeted vaporisation system where people could be remotely vaporised.

This is quite a claim to make, but I urge readers to watch this video where the opening of lower frequencies in the sub gigahertz range as well as the higher frequencies are discussed. The possibility of this spy grid being able to monitor you in your home is discussed, but far more worrying the ability to manipulate the structure of the body through these signals and cause people to vaporise.

My expertise is on the security and privacy aspect with 5G and smart technology. I can say on those levels 5G and smart technology absolutely fail to meet what right minded people would deem basic privacy and safety standards. They may well meet the industry standards, but the industry standards are designed with big telecomms in mind, much like Big Pharma get their men on the vaccine approving boards. The health and vaporisation concerns from Mark Steele and others take this thing to another level.

Quite clearly 5G should be shut down immediately and thorough investigations done on to who put this forward for use on the public and why, not that I am seeking for anything to be punished (as we should show the same forgiveness God has shown us by sending His Son to die for us), but to ensure that there is no repeat of this.

The video is below (I do have a copy available for readers if YouTube take it down).

Please share the video and this site widely.