Join the Craven Freedom's Fight Against 5G

by the Editor
Published 15/7/2019 (modified 28/5/2020 to add a less critical tone), added word "sole" in on 15/6/2020

For those reading about 5G for the first time, please refer to the past articles in our technology section linked below:

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The government sadly will not listen to the evidence. There are those of us who have tried reasoning with them about this and providing the hard evidence. The response is basically that they're going ahead with it. Readers are more than welcome to tell their local MP the facts, but I don't think it is the sole way to stop 5G.

For that reason we must take the fight to a local level.

I am appealing to all reading that can help to email me at

As regular readers of this site may know, 5G will bring increases in cancer and dementia, and is even linked to things such as nosebleeds and have a deleterious effect on the ecosystem. This is not to mention it being used to serve the total control grid of the Internet of Things (IoT) Put simply our lives, the lives of our children and the lives of grandchildren depend on us not abjectly accepting this. We must stand up to be counted.

What do we need? We need audiences and volunteers to get involved. If we can get the interest up locally I am going to run some screenings of some of the better documentaries about 5G. I am also intending to give some presentations myself during these screenings including how easy it can be to hack a device and a scientific experiment to show just how radioactive your phone is.

5G and phased array are killer technlogies and this whole agenda is arguably an act of terrorism which the telecommunications industry plan to roll out on us. Did you consent to this? I know I didn't.

If you are reading this and have any slight pang of interest, please do not delay in contacting me. The time is now, we don't have much time before this thing hits and getting the evidence into the local people to build up a groundswell that we can hopefully take to local councillor level and beyond is now critical.

This campaign will of course be a peaceful one. This is about taking the facts to people and stopping this awful technology by simply stating the facts in a reasoned and loving manner. It is not about being needlessly critical or unforgiving towards people.