Propaganda of the Week #4: The BBC too Impartial?!!!

by the Editor
Edited 13/5/2019 - Slight edit to remove some unkind words in last line.

Once again the BBC are the subject of propaganda of the week. Although this time the article was produced by another source, the writer has produced material for the BBC. The source in question is Jack Peat at The London Economic.

The article in question is here (I appreciate it wasn't published this week, but due to other commitments, I was unable to get this out last week):

I have no personal issue with Jack Peat and if he reads this, I hope he will not see it as a personal attack. That said, I take issue with the article.

Here are just 2 examples of the BBC being "too impartial".

The first relates to the BBC quite bizarrely quoting Donald Trump as saying that "war will follow", when in reality he said "more will follow" in relation to sanctions on Iran. This sent the progressive mafia into hysteria with many taking the BBC's version of Trump's speech as true.

This sums the BBC up. If you think someone has said something like that you would surely listen again to be sure. Perhaps not if you are the BBC and you have an agenda to pursue.

Another shocking act of BBC impartiality came when the sad death of a Polish man occurred. The BBC in a fit of rage after the good British public voted to leave its beloved EU were seeking anything they could to besmirch this vote. Imagine their delight at being able to take a poor family's suffering and use it to push their perverse agenda.

This incident was the death of Arkadiusz Jozwik which occurred following a confrontation on 27/8/2016.

The BBC were quick on the scene to falsely call this a post-Brexit hate crime. In reality the truth was quite different (as it often is when the BBC report).

Take a read of this interview transcript from BBC Newsnight with an associate of Mr Jozwik. It is truly shocking that a national broadcaster that is meant to be impartial can attack the nation in such a way.

Eric: "I don't know if I can mention names?..."

Sweeney (BBC): "Mention names."

Eric: "I mean Nigel Farage, thank you for that cos you are part of this death and you have blood on your hands thanks to you, thanks for all your decisions, wherever you are...yeah it's your call."

Sweeney: "Nigel Farage has always denied this allegation. As the search for clues and answers continues, the fear is that two poisons have come together to a lethal result"

So here we have the BBC disgracefully using a man who is probably still experiencing the raw emotions of anger and sadness at the loss of a friend. They are using this man to push an agenda and have coaxed him into slandering Nigel Farage on telly.

What exactly does Sweeney mean by saying Farage has always denied this allegation. That comment makes no sense in such a context. An incident that has just occurred and Nigel Farage has "always" denied this allegation. You could construct an argument that if he had spoken about it once and denied he was at fault that it would technically constitute always, but there is an implication in the BBC use of the word "always", that Nigel Farage being linked to deaths is some long running thing.

The truth when it emerged is that the Polish man had been struck in retaliation when he set upon a group. The court when it came to trial even heard that the poor man who lost his life had made racist remarks to a group of youths which were part of a chain reaction resulting in his death. Tragic yes, but was his death a post-Brexit hate crime? If we want to be pedantic we could say violence generally involves hate, but this is not the hate the BBC are referring to. We could even say the victim committed a hate crime himself, but again this is not what the BBC meant. The BBC was trying to paint those of us who voted to leave as hate filled individuals. I think we can safely label this as another piece of fake news from the BBC's vast repertoire.

For my part as Craven Freedom Editor I am truly saddened that we have people losing their lives in such a manner and I am appalled that the BBC distorts these events to fit their vendettas. A case where there were no winners and along come the BBC to lower the tone even further. To the family and friends of the gentleman concerned, I would express my sincerest condolences for the horror they have suffered.

The two examples above were also detailed in the book "BBC: Brainwashing Britain?" by David Sedgwick.

BBC: Brainwashing Britain?

This excellent book can be obtained here:

I can recommend purchasing this book. It is a 10/10 exposé on the BBC. In fact I can't recommend it enough if you want a book to have at hand for when anyone ever challenges you to prove the BBC is fake news. This book is literally brimming with examples and excellent analysis.

The BBC is most certainly not impartial!