Propaganda of the Week #2

by the Editor
Minor changes made on 10/2/2019

The BBC lives up to its usual standards of producing absolute drivel with this Russophobic, big pharma propaganda piece.

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(if the article is gone contact me to see if I can provide a copy)

To use their own language back on them, the BBC has once again displayed its xenophobic tendencies in the below quote:

"Vaccination rates for measles, mumps and rubella in Ukraine fell sharply over a number of years during its conflict with Russia, reaching 31% in 2016 - among the lowest in the world."

The bold text was done by the BBC. It is high time this organisation was cleansed, they pump out such blatant lies on a daily basis and they are fleecing the general public to do so. My advice is don't buy a TV licence and if you do have one already, cancel it.

I also flag up their chart showing that allegedly in the UK, there were 953 measles cases last year and also showing varying numbers of cases and rates from country to country. I would say this is rendered unreliable data due to inconsistency in diagnosis. In fact we have no accurate way of measuring measles cases seen as it is proven that diagnostic criteria are often changed after vaccines are introduced to give vaccines a false sense of efficiency. The fact is a high number of Measles cases probably go unlogged on the official statistics for numerous reasons.

This brings me to the scandalous big pharma rewrite of history. It does seem to be true that mortality from diseases such as Measles was high centuries ago, but it was absolutely not vaccinations which brought the death rates down. The evidence is clear for anyone who takes the time to research it that squalid living conditions where families were forced to live cramped in a small dirty room in building with other rooms filled with families, which were surrounded by streets with raw sewage and with water supplies that sewage ran into were the real causes of these deaths from Measles and other common diseases. Child labour and poor working conditions were also a major factor. When peoples' bodies were taking such a hammering to begin with, it is easy to see how Measles could kill them.

A mass effort was undertaken to clean up living conditions and working conditions and this resulted in death rates from Measles and other diseases plummeting. On the back of this, vaccinations were pushed in and they falsely took the credit for stopping the deaths.

I highly recommend reading these two books, which demolish the vaccine industry and expose it for what it is:

Vaccination Policy and the UK GovernmentDissolving Illusions

Currently many in Britain are blessed enough not to have the awful conditions of centuries ago and if you are in good general health, the chances of you dying from measles are about as likely as Manchester City losing ten nil. The chances of you suffering ill effect, injury, original antigenic sin or death from a vaccination however is an entirely different matter. Once again big pharma have rigged the stats to hide the true extent of vaccine damage. You can read about all this in the books I have pictured above.

What is more, if you are compromised in your health to begin with, a vaccine is going to be potentially more catastrophic.

Parents love their children and I believe many truly believe giving vaccines is right because the medical profession say so. I will remind people that Public Health England recommended cleaning up Novichok with baby wipes and suggest that you do your own research on vaccines. I have done mine and to use a phrase, I wouldn't touch a vaccine with a barge pole.