LGBTP: Sodomite Cereal and More Child Abuse

by the Editor
Published 2/11/2019

The rampant LGBTP machine continues to extend its perverted tentacles towards our children.

Two horrifying pieces of news will be looked at in this article.

The first is the twisting and distorting of what I always remember as being relatively harmless childrens' characters (although I admit they were always clearly designed with profit in mind).

For the rabid homosexualists of today Kelloggs have now produced a sodomite cereal. Please take a look at at the picture below. This is particularly disgusting as it is aimed at promoting mental and spiritual disorders in the minds of impressionable children.

Sodomist Cereal

Also worth noting is that this contains 6 cereals in one box, much like the sodomite version of the rainbow contains 6 colours. This number is often taken to represent imperfection so is quite appropriate in this context.

The aptly named "Froot Loops" come in this box. Sugar Puffs however are sadly not part of the collection.

Jesting aside this really is disgusting using childrens' character to push child abuse. Those responsible should be charged with child abuse.

The perverts behind this are attacking our children and we need to stand against this sort of thing.

Secondly I now come on to a case from Texas, America, where a man's son is being forced to be dressed as a girl and be medically transitioned. Of course any sane person knows a boy cannot become a girl, but the intention is to damage this boy with hormone therapy. This is after a court ruled in favour of a woman who isn't even the child's biological mother.

Anne Georgulas (supposedly a doctor, although she clearly isn't seeking to heal) is seeking to assault Jeffrey Younger's son James. This perverted woman is even renaming the boy as Luna. Puberty blockers and cross sex hormones are planned for poor James.

Quite frankly this woman should be in jail. The child should be with his father and this woman's lunacy should be dealt with.

Please remember James in your prayers to help him escape from the evil behaviour of this woman.

This case is in America, but you can bet that plans will be afoot for cases like this to start over here. We need to be alert to put a stop to this. That includes all of us speaking out against LGBTP. Don't just put up with it. Get this perversion back in its box and ultimately let's have it extinguished.

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