The School Gate Campaign

by the Editor
Published 10/10/2019

This is a brief article to raise awareness of this campaign to stop the sexualisation of children in schools.

Please take a look at this website:

I am fully in agreement with the main thrust of this movement. I am aware some of the content on there does not relate to Britain, but remember this shows this attack is happening in other nations too. I am also aware that sometimes things have been misrepresented in terms of what may or may not be being taught in schools. There is a perverse agenda being pushed on school children and that is factual. What we need to find out is precisely what is being taught. Round here we can get on to North Yorkshire County Council about this. - This email may be of use

The Craven Freedom will publish any concerns found about LGBT behaviour and teachings being pushed into schools.

If we act with love, but firmly we can turn back this tide. We must make sure that any trace of this "choose your own gender" nonsense is firmly and fully despatched. This Ministry of Truth style abomination can be deconstructed simply by speaking the truth plainly.

We know that scientists and Christianity do at times clash, but here is surely something that even non-Christian scientists can see is wrong. Claiming a man to be a woman simply because he wants to be is absurd. I could say I want to be a trombone (I don't), but it doesn't suddenly make me one. What it does make such individuals is delusional and as such we need to be on hand to provide loving care to help these people see the error in their thinking.

Mental molestation is one term given to this choose your own gender on a whim nonsense. That is an accurate term. Teaching this to children as fact is going to mess with their minds.

At an appropriate age, children should be made aware of this sort of thing, but they should be taught that these people are ill and need our time, care and help to rehabilitate themselves.

We all need to find out what is being taught in our schools around here. If we aren't affected we need to keep it that way, if we are affected we need to turn the tide and flush these teachings out.

Below is a video from a woman involved with the School Gate Campaign.