Expelled from School for the Truth in Aberdeenshire

by the Editor
Published 8/7/2019

Recently at Mearns Academy in Aberdeenshire a student called Murray very sensibly pointed out to his teacher that there are only two genders.

His assertion of truth resulted in the incident shown in the video below.

Since this video the boy has been expelled or in nu-speak not invited back as he has reached the end of his compulsory education. I appreciate some may not think it right for pupils to film their teachers and I can appreciate there is perhaps an issue there, but on another level as correctly pointed out by David Scott on UK Column News this is whistleblowing and whistleblowing is more effective with evidence.

I advise readers to watch the edition of UK Column News below, we all need to be alert to the LGBT agenda and it needs countering.

We can be sure that this isn't an isolated incident. Schools are meant to be environments for learning and expanding the mind. What we have here is something that is clearly and easily provable being cast aside to please this perverse agenda being put upon our children. Aside from a few cases where something has gone wrong during development and people end up with a mishmash of male and female organs, we are born male or female. In other words if a body develops normally it will be male or female. The small number of people born with the difficulties mentioned here is not the issue in this case though. The LGBT agenda is the complete falsehood that there are umpteen genders and that you can change your gender at will. Put quite simply you cannot change your gender. Of course you can go to the NHS and be butchered, but that doesn't change your gender, much the same way that you could dress up in a green tunic and hat whilst holding a fishing rod and claim to be a garden gnome, but it wouldn't make it true. It is in fact incredibly damaging to push the gender change agenda especially so to do it to young children, rendering them sterile.

Should anyone want to politely contact Mearns Academy about this, I believe their number is 01561 378817. Though this is a shocking piece of news I encourage readers that in order to get through to people and give those at that school who may well hate this agenda the courage to act, we need to be polite and up building towards them whilst at the same time pointing out that this is wrong.

As the UK Column news mentions the school motto is "In Justice Secure". To finish on a dash of humour (which must be credited to the UK Column) it would seem injustice is indeed secure in this case at present.