BLM Leader Wants White Slaves

by the Editor
Published 8/1/2020

Last summer in something which I missed at the time it seems that a BLM leader has signalled their intent to make white people their slaves.

White Slaves Tweet

Sasha Johnson's Twitter account seems to now be suspended so I can't 100% verify this, but I have found numerous articles on it throughout the internet which coupled with the account being suspended and also adding in the general behaviour and beliefs of the BLM leadership internationally lead me to believe this is a real screen capture.

To me Black Lives Matter is no more than a black version of the Ku Klux Klan with some white people tagged in as sycophantic slaves.

I have no doubt some lower down the ladder have good motives, but it needs to be recognised as a terrorist and black supremacist organisation and those good people within BLM need to realise what it is they are involved with.

We are all facing very bad times at the moment with the lockdown fanatics destroying countries. We do not need people starting civil wars based on skin colour. These movements such as BLM serve to actually cause tension over skin colour. Why is skin colour blown into such a big issue these days?

History revisionism does not help us. The great lie that the white man is the oppressor needs to stop. The truth of history is that all races have abused each other and those of their own race. Blacks have used whites as slaves, blacks have used blacks as slaves, whites have used blacks as slaves, whites have used whites as slaves.

What's more slavery never ended, Romanian girls and other Eastern Europeans are imported into this country to be used as prostitutes. English girls are raped by Pakistani gangs.

There are of course many good people from Romania, Eastern Europe and Pakistan who hate this sort of thing, but it cannot be ignored because political correctness states we can't offend anyone who isn't English/British. There are also English people up to this sort of thing as well as the Asian and Eastern European ones. The whole lot needs rooting out. Why can those behind BLM not focus on a real issue rather than imaginary white privilege?

Our own police seem scared to act against the like of BLM when they riot and commit criminal acts of damage. The same police have had little trouble assaulting peaceful anti-lockdown protestors.

What we really need is to forget all this racial nonsense and people actually talk to each other freely without this political correctness virus censoring people.

Free speech of course will result in people saying things you don't want to hear, like the things BLM say, but it will also put a stop to their wrong ideas for white slavery as the majority of people white and black would, by virtue of not having the threat of being hounded out of jobs etc hanging over them, have the courage to simply tell BLM they are talking rubbish and their ideas would soon diminish to nothing. Meanwhile our police would be able to arrest BLM members for vandalism and arrest any who try to bring about white slavery.