The Abuse of Our Children Part 2

by the Editor
Published 16/10/2018
Minor edits 12/3/2020

This is the final part of a two part series which stemmed from a feature I ran on the BBC. This article would be best read after reading the two articles linked below:

BBC: The Masters of Subversion (LGBT Special)

The Abuse of Our Children Part 1

We'll begin by finishing off our look at the current "Educate and Celebrate" staff.

Educate and Celebrate Staff Page - Click to View

Stephen A Ireland (Patron and Founder of @PrideinSurrey, Radio presenter & Pride Host/Compère UK & Europe) is first to look at.

I decided to take a look at Pride in Surrey.

Here you may notice that in come Surrey Police and Woking Borough Council as working with Pride in Surrey. So we now have the police approving sodomy. Let us remember the founder Stephen A Ireland is in league with Educate and Celebrate, the same Educate & Celebrate that is in league with a promoter of paedophilia (Peter Tatchell). I'm not accusing Surrey Police of being directly involved with Tatchell's activities here, but if they investigated what they are working with rather than pandering to militant homosexuality they might arrest Tatchell and shut down these vile LGBT organisations.

Police Perversion
Police in Kings Lynn also endorse sodomy

Looking again to the list of those behind Educate & Celebrate we find a bloke who likes dressing as a woman. He calls himself Jordan Gray. This man is a patron of Educate & Celebrate whose claim to fame seems to be appearing on the BBC in a programme called "The Voice" and subsequently being a minor TV and radio star. I've not seen anything to make me think this man is something other than a poor, brainwashed soul in need of help so I will recommend that readers pray for this man.

Another patron is Jonathan Blake. This man is a HIV activist. I did find one disturbing quote in an interview with him:

"It sounds like the HIV diagnosis was almost strangely freeing.

Yeah, it is. Because you've got no responsibilities – you've got no consequences, because you'll be dead. So that's taken care of; it's everybody else who has to watch out!"

Whilst I can imagine being told you are terminally ill is going to be quite a blow, I think the attitude that everybody else has to watch out isn't a healthy one. You do have consequences to your actions regardless of what he may think. Strangely this man has lived with this terminal illness for 36 years which raises some questions for me as to if HIV is necessarily terminal or if he has been misdiagnosed. I am not going to say I don't have sympathy for anyone who gets a terrible disease because I don't wish disease upon anyone, but I think it is worth making the point that promoting sexual perversion is going to bring problems on this land and it is going to spread disease.

The last of the current patrons for us to look at is Clare Summerskill. Clare seems to me to be a propagandist in the arts. This woman has been hired by the Home Office and the Department of Healths' LGBT staff groups. Quite why they feel it appropriate to toilet what I would guess is taxpayers' money on this dross is beyond me. This is the same Home Office that oversaw the jailing of paedophile whistle blower Melanie Shaw.

The final name on the list is Julie Bremner. She is Chair of Trustees. That this women is a civil servant, illustrates the problem we have in this country and how it transcends governments. The civil service needs this behaviour rooting out. She is apparently the founder of Norwich Pride so more deviancy on a wide scale being pushed out here. She is also a presenter of Pride Live on Future Radio and founder of Proud Canaries (Norwich City Sodomist Fan Group). you could call her an octopus of perversion, in that she has tentacles extending all over the place.

I don't know what the word charity actually means these day in nu-speak, but it clearly doesn't mean looking after people and wilfully giving up something of your own for the good of others. The word charity now seems to encompass sexualising children and enlisting the help of known paedophile campaigners. I can say this given that this is what Educate and Celebrate are doing and they have charity status.

I have to throw this article and report in as we come towards the end of this article.

Foul Promotion of Sexual Deviancy by Church of England

Valuing all God's Children - A Truly Disgusting Subversion of Scripture

This is utterly appalling and shows that the Church of England cannot be taken seriously as a Church (I am not saying there aren't good people within that Church though). Scripture is quite clear on deviancy such as that churned out by Educate & Celebrate.

The appalling twisting of scripture fronted by Justin Welby here is unbelievable. I do not put myself above Justin Welby or the Church of England. I recognise I am guilty of transgressing God's law and am not assuming a holier than thou position. I am pointing these facts out because those of us who can need to speak out against this. All those I have named in these articles are not named out of hatred for them. My desire would be they come to repentance. I only hate what they are doing, not them.

Back on to the report, I would expect this level of crass and gross information from an LGBT charity, but for a so called Church to misrepresent God's word in this manner is not acceptable. I could write a whole series of articles simply from that Church of England report, but sadly at the moment I don't have the man power at Craven Freedom to take that report to pieces. If anyone would like to do so please contact me.

Please do make contact with Justin Welby if you can. Remember he is a living being like all of us and if he doesn't think this is wrong, we need to show him it is wrong so he can walk the narrow path.

As a closing note I was very much disturbed to read this when researching for this article:

Telegraph - Parents who won't let their son wear a skirt may have to be referred to social services, schools advised

Sadly this policy (see article linked directly above) from Brighton and Hove Council is in keeping with the regular goings on in Brighton.

According to the Telegraph, this policy which is undergoing final checks advises:

"If a setting has a significant concern about the child’s wellbeing and or safety in relation to how the parents or carers are managing the exploration of the child’s gender identity it may be necessary and advisable to follow safeguarding procedures"

This is an absolute disgrace. Children are what they are and they are a little boy or a little girl. Mind warping children to fulfill the sexual fantasies of paedophiles needs to be called out for exactly what it is. This is an agenda deeply rooted in paedophilia. We need not be scared in this battle, those carrying out this agenda are the ones who need to be scared as despite what they may think, we can have every confidence that God will deliver justice. The challenge for us is to maintain love towards those perpetrating this vile abuse and try to straighten them out so that those among them that can be saved, get saved. Love has to be our motivation. Hate the sin absolutely, but love the individuals. I have been very scathing in this article to make a valid point, but I don't hate these men and women.

This agenda runs through government, right up to the Prime Minister. If we had a functioning law system is this county May would be in jail for Treason and investigated for the cover up of institutional child abuse at the Beechwood Childrens' Home in Nottinghamshire.

At one level some may say it is laughable as it is so pathetic, but this is serious stuff. This is sexual abuse of children. As we have seen the police in some areas are onboard with this attempted extirpation of the moral fabric of this country so we must stand. I have only skimmed the surface in these articles as the limited time I have to do this site means that I can only go so deep and maintain an active website, but we can turn this tide and I remind those of us who believe in the Almighty that we know He wins out in the end. Let us always be on His side. The right side.