The Abuse of Our Children Part 1

by the Editor
Published 8/10/2018

Last week, I wrote of the appalling actions of the BBC in promoting the propaganda of "Educate and Celebrate".

For those who haven't read that, I would recommend doing so as this piece is a direct follow on. That being the case, I have linked the previous article below:

BBC: The Masters of Subversion (LGBT Special)

For this article I am going to do some investigation in to some of the people behind "Educate and Celebrate".

Educate and Celebrate Staff Page - Click to View

As I covered in the last article, Peter Tatchell is involved. I didn't realise at the time that he is a patron. This man promotes the sexual abuse of young children. I feel confident in stating this under the common law of England as it is true and the evidence to prove this is below.

Tatchell Paedophilia

Peter Tatchell 26th June 1997 in The Guardian (date given on the website linked underneath the below paragraph and not verifiable as I do not have the paper)

If Peter Tatchell would like to prove he wasn't behind this letter, I will of course gladly remove it and issue a full retraction. However as this has stood online for some time and is not disputed to my knowledge, I am confident in classing Peter Tatchell as someone who promotes sexual activity between adults and children. Quite how this man is still walking free after his brazen promotion of paedophile activity is beyond me. It is a sad state of affairs that instead of being viewed as some sort of deeply sick man, in need of spiritual and mental help, he is now being allowed to promote sodomy in the school systems.

Investigation into Peter Tatchell's Paedophile Links

The link above which delves in to Tatchell's activities that I highlighted in the last article, is such a shocker, I think it needs to be posted again. It is serious that someone with paedophile links is being allowed to assist pushing agendas into school. This man should be seen as a serious threat to the wellbeing of our children. He shouldn't be around children until and unless he is restored to a right mind.

Next on the list is Jo Thompson. She is "Pride Youth Network Manager". Another sad state of affairs. She may well be a lovely lady in some respects, but is definitely sadly misguided in having anything to do with this abomination. I've certainly found nothing quite as sinister as the Tatchell information above. It goes without saying that what she is involved in is absolutely disgusting, but there doesn't seem to be the same sexual predator element present here. That said, I do think this women is involved in manipulating impressionable young minds with sodomite LGBT propaganda.

I have found this quote from her in an interview:

"I am an out and proud lesbian and say that on stage (and anywhere) as I want to give people confidence to be out and proud too. As a same-sex parent, I bring my 7-year-old son onstage to say Happy Pride (he loves it!). It’s another way of reminding the¬†LGBT+ community not to be held back in society and that we can be whoever we want to be! Education and awareness are key and by always positively talking about it, we will start moving towards social justice."

This is indoctrination and if you have seen some of the outrageous behaviour that goes on at these festivals of sin, you would know that it is no place for a child.

We belong to God, the giver of all life. He designed man and woman to compliment each other and the abomination of these pride marches is like a middle finger aimed directly at God.

This disgusting little agenda is involved in Primary School (as already detailed in my first article) and Secondary School as well as shown below:

Secondary School LGBT Abuse

Next in the symphony of sin is Shabina Bi-Baroo (Pride Network Youth Leader). The about us page of "Educate and Celebrate" doesn't seem to have a write up of her and only contains a picture of her and her job title.

I have found a Shabina Bi-Baroo elsewhere online, but I don't know that she is the same woman so it would be grossly unfair to drag a potential innocent in to this debacle.

The next woman up also brings the NSPCC and the EU into this conspiracy. So we have both the NSPCC and European Union involved with a child abuse agency. The lady in question is Elly Barnes. The site list her as a Doctor and holder of an MBE who has spoken at various conferences and events organised by the NSPCC, European Union and also lists various other governmental linked bodies. This woman, we are led to believe it the mastermind behind this outfit. Let us take a deeper look at her. This women must as CEO have had some involvement of bringing Tatchell on board. Does she not look into who she is bringing on board. Alternatively does the promotion of paedophilia not matter to this woman? I can't answer that question, it could be she hasn't joined the dots, but if we have people achieving the title of Doctor and not being able to join these dots, what does it say about modern day Britain?

I have also found her on Twitter replying to Peter Tatchell. Elly Barnes says:

"THANK YOU!! Much appreciated Complete respect for you Peter, you have our support too"

Sodomy on Twitter

This tweet is either incredibly ill advised or Elly Barnes is saying a man who approves of paedophilia has her complete respect and that he has Educate and Celebrates' support. Let that sink in, a man who promotes young boys being sodomised by older men has her complete respect. The police are not going to do anything about this blatant child abuse unless those of us who can see what is wrong start to challenge this agenda. It's fairly obvious that arrests need to be made here, but this organisation is so confident that it is untouchable along with Tatchell, that they operate in full public view.

I would like to highlight one brave responder to the absolute filth above. Well done to Izzy (@Righteouslady) who replied (to the original tweet in the chain from the Peter Tatchell Foundation):

"Anti-Lgbt??? Schools are for educating children academics. It is a constitutional right. How is teaching other people's children LGBT a right? How can you assume this will change the minds of children? Propaganda that's how.

This woman is an example of the type of person we need more of. A lady who is confident to get into the face of those abusing children and tell them straight. We also need to have the confidence to do this in face to face conversation.

Claire Patterson (North East Trainer) is next for investigation. She is another lady that has a picture, but no profile. I managed to find her on Twitter as @Miss_P85. She seems to do lots of retweeting of the obscene material that Educate and Celebrate promote. She also had a retweet of Peter Tatchell on her profile when I looked. Also retweeted was Jo Thompson interviewing Tatchell. Her whole Twitter profile seems to be an echo chamber for this sodomist propaganda machine. Some very worrying pictures of children, who it would seem have been brainwashed are presented on her profile too.

This thing (Educate and Celebrate) is allegedly in 100s of schools. Do its tentacles extend to Craven? If so we must oppose it and start to turn the tables because this is evil and it is coming for our children. There can be no skirting around this issue. We can end it by talking, by exposing it and by simply saying no. Expect abuse to come your way if you stand up to this. You will be called a bigot and other names, but let's turn the tables and reclaim our language. Even the word gay is being abused. That word is meant to mean happy.

Why have I written this article you may ask? It is not to show these people up as such. I remember well that we have all sinned. The point I am trying to make is that there is an orchestrated attack on children being carried out by sexual deviants. Those of us who are sickened by this cannot remain silent and inactive. This perverse agenda must be challenged and driven out from our country. We must not be made to feel like we are in a minority and wrong for daring to oppose sodomists. Out of love for their eternal wellbeing, it is indeed incumbent on us to tell them straight how wrong they are.

In the second part of this series, we will complete looking at the Educate and Celebrate staff and look at events in the Brighton area.