Not for Profit Shop Open

by the Editor

In order to raise further awareness of the high level criminality taking place in our nation, the Craven Freedom has opened a shop selling T-shirts, mugs and other items.

We are launching with 3 items for sale, but this will be expanded upon with a varierty of items and designs available.

I have set the prices as low as I can. The shop is run through Cafepress and the Craven Freedom makes no profit from these items. I imagine Cafepress will be making a profit off them, but I have done what I can to make the items as cheap as possible for you.

If you can get custom T-shirts and other items printed cheaper and would like a copy of a particular design so that you can print you own T-shirt for example, please let me know and I will send you a copy of the design. I am contactable either via the contact page or via email at

Any artists out there with designs that you think would be suitable to go on Craven Freedom merchandise are welcome to get in touch.

The shop is accessible by the "Shop" button on the menu bar and there is a link below as well:
Craven Freedom Shop