Propaganda of the Week #1

by the Editor

Welcome to the first in what may become a regular series.

With the current appalling levels of propaganda, false news and hysteria from the mainstream media about Britain leaving the EU (something which I maintain the political establishment on the main have no intention of making a reality), I thought it fitting that this laughable article from Doncaster Free Press deserved to be the first recipient of the award.


There is a text file here which contains the article if it is no longer available at the above link.

Rather than making the point that unfettered by the Fourth Reich of the European Union, Britain could go further by making laws to protect life a lot better than we do now (I would suggest the immediate disbanding of the MHRA and prosecutions against numerous high level people from the MHRA to begin with), Darren Burke chose to tell us how our underpants will poison us if we leave the EU. Perhaps Public Health England's magical Novichok curative baby wipes will save us?

Please look out for another article and other changes incoming to the Craven Freedom over the weekend.