We All Have a Choice to Make

by the Editor
Published 16/7/2020

With the news that the government plan to unlawfully impose masks on the public we have a choice.

Will we obey our own servants in their tyrannical and nonsensical behaviour or will we say no?

Wearing a face mask is actually for most people going to cause you more harm. Wearing one is not on a sign of submission to our servants in Parliament, but it prevents the proper flow of oxygen into the body and makes you inhale your own exhaled Carbon Dioxide. Both of these are bad for your health and immune system and may cause a wave of illness (maybe this is the way to engineer the mystical second wave though).

Quite frankly and I do not like having to say this; the behaviour of the government is criminal in this matter. It is either an outstanding lack of perception and common sense or a deliberate attack on us. Whichever it is, it is totally unacceptable, but if we collectively submit to it then worse will follow. Now is the time to stand up.

We need to get the Church buildings open and expel the evil from the land. Praise the name of our God and restore freedom and goodness to the land.

Make no mistake we are in a spiritual battle. It is abundantly clear that the government reaction to this alleged virus is totally absurd and illogical. Torture techniques have been used on the public and Parliament and the government have subverted the constitution - a criminal offence in itself.

You cannot be lawfully fined by Police for not wearing a mask, please read the below (you can also print this notice out to carry round with you for if anyone tries to unlawfully issue a Fixed Penalty Notice to you):


I do realise that Justice Laws also tried to use the same argument in the above poster to justify our unlawful submission to the EU, but if in such a desperate time why not use their own arguments against them?

I encourage all reading to not wear a face mask, I won't be doing, but it needs more than just me, it needs a great many of us to say no. The government are not your masters, they are your servants. These servants need to know their place.

I'm glad to have already heard some murmurings attributed to Police that they cannot enforce this.

I propose a local group to have each others' backs, provide for each other and stand together against this megalomaniac behaviour.

Email me at editor@cravenfreedom.com if you are interested.

To end on a note of humour:

Avoid becoming a member of the Dick Turpin Appreciation Society and do not wear the "Mask of the Beast" because of course masks could just be the thin end of the wedge.