Treason: The Next 3 Months

by the Editor

The next 3 months are huge for the future of this island nation. Will enough people wake up and slay the foul beast that is May's treasonous exit deal, see through a no deal exit and force the cessation of EU Military Unification?

If it is voted through this country is in huge trouble. There seems to be a strong view that it won't be, but with a month for compromising photos or other methods of blackmail to be presented by the whips to non-compliant, it is hard to say what the result of the vote will be for definite. There is ample evidence that this is how the whipping system is used to defraud the proper democratic process. The video in the below of Tim Fortescue an ex whip is one such piece of evidence.

I would also like to flag up May's pretence of exiting the EU.

Click here to read the proposal that Theresa May has made (dated 14th November 2018)

I have read these two excerpts with concern:


Monitoring of the implementation and application of Part Two

1. In the United Kingdom, the implementation and application of Part Two shall be monitored by an independent authority (the "Authority") which shall have powers equivalent to those of the European Commission acting under the Treaties to conduct inquiries on its own initiative concerning alleged breaches of Part Two by the administrative authorities of the United Kingdom and to receive complaints from Union citizens and their family members for the purposes of conducting such inquiries. The Authority shall also have the right, following such complaints, to bring a legal action before a competent court or tribunal in the United Kingdom in an appropriate judicial procedure with a view to seeking an adequate remedy.

2. The European Commission and the Authority shall each annually inform the specialised Committee on citizens' rights referred to in point (a) of Article 165(1) on the implementation and application of Part Two in the Union and in the United Kingdom, respectively. The information provided shall, in particular, cover measures taken to implement or comply with Part Two and the number and nature of complaints received.

3. The Joint Committee shall assess, no earlier than 8 years after the end of the transition period, the functioning of the Authority. Following such assessment, it may decide, in good faith, pursuant to point (f) of Article 164(4) and Article 166, that the United Kingdom may abolish the Authority."



Specialised committees

1. The following specialised committees are hereby established:

(a) the Committee on citizens' rights;

(b) the Committee on the other separation provisions;

(c) the Committee on issues related to the implementation of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland;

(d) the Committee on issues related to the implementation of the Protocol relating to the Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus;

(e) the Committee on issues related to the implementation of the Protocol on Gibraltar; and

(f) the Committee on the financial provisions.

Those specialised committees shall comprise representatives of the Union and representatives of the United Kingdom."

These two quotes are interlinked, but there is a massive octopus of links in to other components of this deal to get the full picture. It is so badly put together and convoluted that even if it was a proper exit deal it would be neither use nor ornament as it wouldn't be able to be put to practical use without sitting down for ages to work out it actually means.

Just focusing on the above two excerpts, there are some real crackers in there. It seems to me that May would be unlawfully giving something called the "Authority" the ability to take lawful action against how things are done in this country (and this is called Brexit).

To top it off this "Authority" would last for at least 8 years after we "leave". After these 8 years if we have been good little boys and girls, the Joint Committee may let us (yes may let us), abolish the "Authority".

Is the above acceptable to you? We have Members of Parliament breaking the law of the land. We have a Prime Minister who I have no hesitation in saying is betraying those she pretends to serve.

The Craven Freedom view is that as many as possible from this band of criminals need to be helped to reform their characters.

Keep an eye on what goes on next month. The BBC will no doubt be on full throttle, but I would advise readers watch the UK Column News to obtain a more accurate view of what is going on.

As for myself, I am expecting one of 2 things next year.

1. That we are going to see a "managed" no deal that won't really be a no deal as it will leave certain strings attached including the PESCO military unification. This will be followed by the country being run very badly in an attempt to make the public want to go back in to the EU.

2. A second and rigged election to derail the whole departure from the EU.

A second referendum, whatever the result (even if a no deal leave won) serves no good purpose. It would play the leave and remain camps in the general public off against each other and distract attention away from the crimes going on at Westminster and also it would alienate the leave vote completely from Westminster.

A managed no deal is not a no deal. A true no deal with all ties cut to the EU including tearing up all the military agreements along with all NATO agreements seen as they seem to be unifying with the EU is what I would consider to be an exit from the EU. We won't get that unless more people speak up.

If May's deal passes the job is done for, but unless local MP Julian Smith and his team of whips have some serious dirt on a vast number of Conservative Members of Parliament, I don't think it will.

I'd also add that the BBC should be shut down and political charity Common Purpose disbanded as part of this saga. Those 2 organisations play massive roles alongside the EU in the destruction of this nation.

A national broadcaster is an idea I think has merit, but we need one that actually does what is meant to do instead of abuse children and commit treason.