A New Year

by the Editor
Published 28/12/2019

A new year is about to dawn and a new decade too (depending on how you count your decades).

I think it is important to look at what has been achieved in the past decade.

The people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland stood up and bravely voted to leave the European Union in the face of overwhelming propaganda designed to keep us in. This job is not yet finished and we must make sure consistent, but fair pressure is brought to bare on Boris Johnson and all of our MPs to make sure we truly leave.

That magnificent day back in 2016 does speak to me of hope though. It says that the people can see through the lies, it says that bravery remains in the heart of this realm. If we as a nation turn back to God, there could be a very bright future for this nation.

Again in this very month of December we saw the Liberal Democrats and Labour party routed in the General Election. It is my firm belief that this result was due to their clear defiance of the result of the 2016 EU Referendum. I don't believe the Tories deal honours that referendum either, but I believe if we keep the pressure on this situation could be remoulded into a no deal where we keep our military and security free from EU command.

The decriminalization of the licence fee that has been talked of recently is something that I hope will become a reality. I try to be fair, the BBC has produced some brilliant TV in years gone by, but its output this past decade for example has been shocking. It has been rampant with pro-EU propaganda and in other agenda pushing they have even turned Doctor Who into a woman (a quite frankly bizarre move which followed on from the transexualisation of long term villain the Master in the same series). Quite what need there was to turn an iconic figure into a joke is beyond me. If they had wanted a series with a woman as the lead, why not simply make an entirely new series rather than ruining an established one?

Real Doctor Who
A Real Doctor Who

I believe the BBC have managed to alienate a large amount of the population of these isles in the past decade.

We must remember forgiveness and show love to the individuals involved. I do however on the level of fairness think there is no justification for the licence fee even if the BBC were a pro-Leave and upstanding organisation. Would you pay The Times to read the Daily Express for example? If not why should the BBC get money from those who want to watch ITV?

For those of you who like the output of the UK Column (https://www.ukcolumn.org) their review of the year is below:

In 2020 I implore you to continue to do whatever you can for good. That doesn't have to be some immense quest. Doing the simple things such as loving your neighbour and politely, but firmly speaking out against things that aren't right can make such a difference. An MP receiving a comment from even 1 more of us than is already sending comments in can really swing the balance.

I pray that God will bless you and your families.

Do not be discouraged. Set the eyes of your heart on Jesus.