BBC Influencing Local Journalism Throughout Country

by the Editor
Published 28/8/2018
*Brief edits made to make the article more upbeat on 2/9/2018
Updated 12/2/2020

Before I start, I want to clarify that I know there are good people working for the BBC, the EU, the government and some people who are Local Democracy Reporters will be good people. This article is aimed at the disgusting agendas pushed by the BBC. With the right attitude and love we can repair some of the damage done to this country.

It is with great concern that in recent months I have learned of the BBC funding and installing "Local Democracy Reporters" into local news agencies. Quite how the BBC fund democracy journalists when they are constantly trying to subvert the vote to leave the EU by publishing negative fake news as regular as clockwork about the dangers of not agreeing a deal with the EU, is beyond me. It is essential for the integrity of this country that we fully leave the EU. Obviously, I realise that the only true solution to mans' problems is God's Kingdom and the ransom He provided through Jesus.

The BBC are spending £8 million of their yearly £3.7 billion tax money on funding 150 Local Democracy Journalists. They will be funded by the BBC, but employed by the news organisations. One does wonder though what degree of control and training the BBC will exert on these individuals.

The stories they generate will be available for use by the BBC as well as whatever company they are working for.

Let us remember the child abuse the BBC perpetrated in a 2017 broadcast with the utterly disgusting "No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free?". This appalling piece of LGBT and tranhumanist propaganda involved Doctor Javid Abdelmoneim and involved the abuse of a Year 3 class from Lansend Primary School of the Isle of Wight. It included removing all gendered clothing, colours, activities and introduced the absolute insanity and perverts' paradise of gender neutral toilets to the school.

The attitude displayed by Doctor Abdelmoneim towards anyone in their right mind who would dare to criticise him (and the BBC), I reproduce below:

"One, this is absolutely not about gender identity. Two, in no way could you imagine anyone ever trying to steer children in a way that's harmful. We're talking about the BBC. I'm a Doctor.

Their parents and teachers were involved. Three, watch the programme and then if you still want to hold that view – well, then you're daft."

The stance that it couldn't possible be harmful to children because the BBC is involved has been shown false in recent years.

Now we have been told how things stand, if you dare to disagree with the BBC and this Doctor, you are daft.

It's also not about gender identity so we need to remember doublethink as the BBC's Ministry of Truth agenda gets into full gear.

Do we want the potentital for this attitude to be embedded into our local media by the BBC?

God made us male and female. This absurd notion of gender being fluid needs to be shown for the lie it is. I could fashion myself up in some fabric and claim to be a circus tent, but it wouldn't actually make me one. What it would make me is ill, if I seriously believed that. That is what people who think they can choose their gender are. They are ill and they need our help. Pandering to them, is like giving alcohol to an alcoholic. Out of love we must be brave and speak out against this agenda.

Doctor Javid also said:

"This is about giving children a full development so they can achieve absolutely anything they want. I'd challenge any sane and sensible adult to say we don't want that."

This is absolute nonsense and the agenda here is not sane. There is a reason we have separate toilets and scripture is I think very clear on men not dressing as women and vice-versa. So Doctor Javid, I am a sane adult saying I don't want your agenda. Children should be brought up to respect the laws of the creator, not some Satanic LGBT agenda. Doctor Javid may be a nice man, but what he is involved in here is an attack on our children and on the natural order of things.

The book of Deuteronomy Chapter 22 Verse 5 reads:

"The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God."

(King James Version)

I ask, who do we take lawful instruction from? Is it Dr Javid or the BBC. Absolutely not, our laws come from God. In most cases I believe we are called to obey the laws of the land, but not laws that break God's laws.

To anyone reading who is a homosexual or dresses as the opposite sex, do I hate you? Absolutely not. Am I saying I am a better person than you? Again, definitely not. It may even be you are a better person than me. I well remember the scripture below:

"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; "

(Romans Chapter 3 Verse 23 - King James Version)

That most definitely includes me. We all have our problems. It gets very dangerous though, when we have entities like the BBC trying to tell us there is nothing wrong with certain sinful activities. It must be spoken out against. What hope do the up and coming generation have if those of us with this knowledge don't pass this knowledge on to them. Are we not complicit in their downfall if we fail to act to try and bring them to salvation?

From what I can find, the Craven Herald's parent company Newquest has or will have 37 of these Local Democracy Reporters.

On one job description I found for a Local Democracy Reporter this was on it as a key responsibility:

"Ensuring all content is politically-neutral and balanced, providing a fair reflection of views"

Is the BBC politically neutral? Absolutely not. They stand by whilst we are all set to be addled by 5G and phased array and whilst our military is slashed to such a degree that we cannot defend ourselves and are forced to accept EU military unification. The BBC that stands by as our Prime Minister betrays the nation by signing the EU laws onto the statute book and aims to keep our laws in sync with the EU after we "leave". The BBC that lets our Prime Minister go on about a new and deeper partnership with the EU after leaving without flagging this up as some sort of paradox. It's like leaving your girlfriend and then subsequently marrying her immediately after. The BBC stands by whilst our national defences are destroyed, whilst we are signed into lots of the same agreements with the EU that we are already in (whilst saying we are leaving) and whilst we are roped into PESCO. To me it seems we lose our VETO and everything else remains as is or worse. Quite how the BBC cannot take the government to task on this, but can run an article on how a no deal exit could effect the Grand National is beyond me (I'm not even going to link to that article as I don't want to waste your time).

Here I am just trying to talk factually, I don't hate the people within the EU, the BBC or the government. I hate some of the things that they are doing. I also am certain that it is an act of treason for Britain/UK to be a member of the EU. The most surprising part I find, is that it is so obvious what is being done. They're not even really hiding it anymore.

If any Local Democracy Reporters would like to get in touch I am happy to publish your view of your role and I will not edit or twist what you say. I will publish it as is. You can email me at or use the contact page. I can imagine some of you will do some good work, but with the BBC involved I suspect it is going to be hard for you to report on certain things. Would you be allowed to run an article outlining the case for the Prime Minister and those in charge at the BBC to be charged with treason for example?

God's Kingdom will remove the EU and the Tories and all human governments and rulerships so in a way it's not something we need to overly stress about, but it really is an excellent opportunity to expose the BBC for what it is and really wake some people up to the spiritual battle we are all in.

Love, hope, bravery, compassion and acting righteously can stop what is going on. Each of us can play our small part and together it can make such a difference.