Helping Each Other

by the Editor
Published 3/9/2018

The aim of this article is to get some groups started where we all help each other.


I would like to propose a Craven Freedom meeting at some point in the coming months, where some of us can get together and discuss how we can help those in need in the area. We're seeing more people in dire need and homeless. We are seeing people isolated with no-one to talk to.

In this country we are being attacked by a great many things such as fake news from the likes of the BBC to fill us with fear, EU military unification to take full control of this country, fracking, 5G and deliberate divisions being driven between young and old, black and white by divide and conquer tactics.

Do we have to be downbeat? No of course not. In the end God wins and all the trouble and evil we see around us will be gone.

In this time those of us who know what is going on need each other. If we can meet and build each other up and tell people what is going on, we could help so many people.

We could also set up interest groups for learning skills such as gardening, craft, cooking and so on.

There may not be many of us, but even a handful of us trying to lift the veil so to speak can over time have a huge knock on effect.

Email me at or use the contact page if you want to get in touch. Also feel free to post on the messageboard.

If anyone has any venues to suggest that would be welcome.

These meetings are going to be friendly and anyone interested in meeting others and helping each other is welcome to come. If you need some help or if you are lonely, please come along too.