The Beginning

by the Editor
Published 15/8/2018
Amendments published 4/6/2019
Amended 17/12/2019 and minor tweaks 31/12/2020

The Craven Freedom is here to offer truly independent news. You may have noticed many "local" news publications have been swallowed up by consortiums. Our own Craven Herald & Pioneer for example is at the time of writing owned by Newsquest who Wikipedia state are the second largest publisher of regional and local newspapers in the United Kingdom with 205 brands across the UK.

They are reported to have 165 newspaper brands and 40 magazine brands across their online and print portfolio.

Newsquest is based in London and also has a specialist arm that publishes both commercial and business-to-business (B2B) titles such as Insurance Times, The Strad, and Boxing News.

Now I am not trying to say the Craven Herald & Pioneer doesn't do some good service to locals, but when it is owned by an entity from London, can we truly call it independent or local?

I feel the need that we have something up north that strives to report truth without fear or favour.

Submissions are welcomed from journalists at mainstream publications who have evidence based submissions they want to publish under a pen name without jeopardising their employment, we also welcome submissions from anyone who wants to try their hand at being involved in some capacity.

If you are a whistle blower please make contact and we can consider an article with what you have to say. If you want anonymity that will be absolutely respected.

The site design is a little rough round the edges at the moment, but that is being worked on. I hope to offer a much more fully featured site in future including audio news features and a message board.

Software such as Google Analytics will never be built in to this site on my watch. I aim to keep this site's use of cookies etc to the minimum. I have no interest in gathering data on readers or tracking your web browsing off this site as some websites do.

At the moment the Craven Freedom is ad free. I hope we can stay that way. I don't know what this may grow into so I can't say if in future, I will have to put some ads on or ask for donations. I intend if at all possible to keep the site ad free and at the moment we don't need donations as I can afford at present to cover the running costs.

Scriptural values are important here and as such the Craven Freedom stands firmly, but lovingly against unscriptural agendas being imposed on our society such as the abortion and LGBT movements. The Craven Freedom is also against transhumanism. I am not standing in judgment on such people, nor do I hate those who are afflicted by such sins as although I am heterosexual, I am not without sin and I remember that all of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I am happy to converse with anyone, but for clarity, LGBT, abortion and such practices will not be condoned or promoted. We all have our weaknesses and can all be of help to each other in overcoming them. If I am doing anything unscriptural I welcome any correction from readers.

The Craven Freedom strongly believes in the law of the land, the scriptures make it clear that where it is in line with God's laws, we are to obey the law. Obviously the Freedom will not obey any so called law that violates God's laws. I, the editor am very interested in Common Law and the Magna Carta and we will be doing some features on this as it is my strong belief that some of the things done by the courts in this country and the Police are actually unlawful.

The Craven Freedom does not stand for political reform as such. The answer to our problems is for God's Kingdom to rule the earth.