Skipton Posters Cause a Stir and BBC Doublethink Exposed

by the Editor
Published 19/11/2020

In recent months Skipton has been hit with a wave of posters on lamp posts and other surfaces in the town.

Some contain excellent information as you may well have seen. Others simply point people to good and informative websites such as the UK Column

It seems these posters have caused a stir at Skipton Town Council with Councillor Alan Hickman contacting the UK Column to complain.

You can view full size versions of these pictures by clicking on them.

UK Column Poster

Street Light Poster

Poster in Skipton

Good information like this is what is needed and it needs to be distributed widely.

That and more are featured in another excellent episode of the UK Column below:

Alternatively available on the UK Column site here:


Also take a look at this from the BBC advising us to have good ventilation. How I ask do they reconcile this with their pro mask propaganda? Cover your nose and mouth, but make sure you have good ventilation; the two surely are polar opposites?

Also available as an archived version here

This is totally insane and illogical. A perfect example of doublethink. If it were a comedy, it might be hilarious, but this is real life and people are being harmed and killed by this disgusting agenda.

Do what you can. Fight the lies.