Enjoy Christmas

by the Editor
Published 30/11/2020

As we witness more mind games from the inappropriately named Sage who have been warning against playing board games and Raab going on about a third (and clearly fictional) wave, Christmas time fast approaches.

One sickening quote I saw is this:

"The panel added it was important children didn't get too close grandparents or vulnerable people and they should try and see them outside."


This nonsensical "advice" deserves to be roundly ignored and I sincerely hope the country will disregard this contemptuous advice.

If we let these people have their way and more people don't start to push back, this thing could have more waves than the sea.

I'd like to encourage readers to enjoy Christmas.

Do hug your friends and family.

Do shake hands.

Do meet people indoors.

Don't wear a mask.

Don't practice anti-social distancing.

Show love and boldness and live as normally as you can.

We weren't made to shut ourselves away from each other, get out and about, support our little local businesses with cash purchases

There is no super killer pandemic. It is well possible that Covid-19 may not exist, but whether it does or whether it doesn't; there is no super killer illness around. You are no more likely to kill your relatives or yourself from meeting up than you were in past years. We celebrated Christmas last year despite being in flu season. Celebrate it again without guilt that has been imposed on you from a year of disgraceful propaganda from the government and complicit media.

Stuff the "regulations" or whatever they want to call them in the bin where they belong and celebrate the birth of the Saviour. What we do echoes in eternity, let us not sit impotent, let us fight the lies and restore freedom. Let us inject real hope and not poison vaccines into all of our lives.

If you want to do some leafleting or postering you can download a pack of printable resources below:

Printable Resource Pack

I don't want to ramble on as the facts on this matter are beyond doubt, but I want to give you something to lift your spirits so take a look at this: