Treason: EU Military Unification

by the Editor
Published 9/11/2018
Updated 17/11/2018

*Addition 17/11/2018 -Whilst thinking on God's word today, it occured to me that I should add to this article that I do not support war. This article is not supporting warfare or military action. The only wars I can support are ones that the all mighty has sanctioned. My concern on EU military unification is more to draw attention to what terrible destruction could be round the corner if this unification goes ahead.*

I would like to start by saying that good people of all nations are welcome at the Craven Freedom. Whatever nation you are from the tentacles of this EU agenda will affect you.

In recent years some very dedicated people have proven that our government is preparing to place our military under the command of the EU. Below are some links and videos that I strongly recommend you read and watch.

I strongly recommend this episode of the UK Column News (7/11/2018). The information is current and urgent. Watch it, share it and act on it in the right way. I will put it this bluntly, if this agenda goes ahead British people (and others in mainland Europe who are as much victims of the EU as we are) will die as a result. That could be any one of us.

UK Column News - 7/11/2018 - EU Military Unification - Click to watch

Please also see the EU Military Unification Timeline on the UK Column website:

EU Military Unification Timeline - Click to read

Operation Beacon contains some good material from Caroline Stephens on the great betrayal:

Click here to visit Operation Beacon

This piece on Article 61 of the Magna Carta is an interesting article, but there is a lot more to it than this. I suggest readers research more into what happened in 2001 as it could play a big part in the removal of the treasonous elite. Read it here.

One uplifting piece is linked below. Barnier is worried. Now is the time to stop this monster. Now is the time that by speaking we can hopefully prevent a fascist dictatorship. The EU Fourth Reich can be stopped and you can play a part.

Barnier is Worried - Click to read

Another interesting tidbit I found whilst researching this article is listed below. I have not yet had chance to find out anything to back up that this case happened or what it was about, but if any readers know, please do let me know.

"R v Love (1653) 5 State Tr 825 states that:

Whatsoever is not consonant to the law of God, or to right reason which is maintained by scripture,….be it Acts of Parliament, customs, or any judicial acts of the Court, it is not the law of England."

Please also take a look at these two videos:


What can you do about this? Get on to your local MP. Julian Smith's contact details are below. Be polite, but be firm. The so called government is breaking the law of the land, we are the ones who now have to stand up and expose this. We don't need violence to deal with this and nor should we seek it, it's not desirable. Like insects scurry when the rock covering them is lifted so will those conducting this treasonous affair when light is shone on it to the general public. Simply spreading the word and challenging the Members of Parliament will do the job, that is why they are so scared of alternative news sites. The game is up for them, arrest and criminal charges await if they are fully exposed to the general public. Britain can become a land where we all look after each other, we can be part of that.

Julian Smith contact details:

Postal Address:
The House of Commons, London, SW1 0AA

01756 795898 (Constituency Office) or 0207 219 4866 (Westminister Office)


We need to flood this man with calls, emails and letters. Put the pressure on him. Show him we know what the government is doing and that we are lawfully obliged under the law of this land to report treason, which is what this is. I do not advocate making an idol of our nation in your heart. Worship God only. What I am trying to convey is that something very sinister is going on here and that if it isn't challenged, we can expect good scriptural values to be further eroded in this country. This is the nation we live in and we have the power to peacefully and lawfully stop the immoral activity that is going on.