Treason: The Devolution Deception

by the Editor
Published 27/10/2018
*Minor edits made on 29/10/2018 on the Lisbon Treaty and to clarify the punishment on Treason.
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I begin this article by attaching documentation (below) that I came across quite by chance when researching other things.

Treason in Yorkshire

Treason? (Click the picture to view the full size version)

Carl Les, the Leader of North Yorkshire Council and Richard Foster, the Leader of Craven District Council both signed this troubling document. I will state now that as far as I am concerned this is technically treason, although I appreciate that it may well be the case that those involved aren't aware of the full picture so may indeed be innocent of any malicious intent. On the face of it you may think that I am talking rubbish. The reason for why this is treason, I will attempt to explain throughout the course of this article. Whether Carl Les and Richard Foster are aware of what they are doing here, I do not know. Some of the signatories may have signed in ignorance of what this actually means.

Our investigation takes us into the murky avenues of the despotic European Union and its attempt to destroy British sovereignty, an attempt to divide Britain in to regions, each with a Mayor. We will look at the Global Parliament of Mayors which is where I say that these Mayors will ultimately take their orders from, thus centralising power rather than devolving it.

Let me be clear that I am asserting that devolution is part of a plot to subvert our national sovereignty. It is Treason, although I do appreciate some involved in it may misguidedly see it as a way of removing power from certain treasonous Members of Parliament. I am not here to judge those signing the document, I can't as I don't know their hearts. What I can do is make the case for why devolution is an EU scheme and by extension is Treason.

The Global Parliament of Mayors annual conference has just taken place in Bristol this month:

Click here to read more this from Bristol 24/7

The Bristol mayor Marvin Rees is the treasurer of the Global Parliament of Mayors. According to the article linked above this group strengthens the voice of cities in global governance structures and elevates the voice of city networks on key global challenges: migration, health and urban security.

Marvin Rees is quoted as saying:

“Like many cities, Bristol faces the challenges of economic inequality, political disillusionment, worsening population physical and mental health, urban safety and the urgent need to tackle a housing crisis and climate change.

“My national government is important, but they do not come up with the solutions and sometimes even compound the problems. I find common ground with mayors all over the world when I share that experience.

“In contrast, it is with the collaboration of city level leaders, thinkers and mayors that I am most hopeful.”

Does the above not show undertones that these people want to elevate Mayors above national government. When we start to dig in to this appalling treason, it is obvious what is going on. This is a plot to remove the sovereignty (if there actually is any left) of this country. Quite apart from the fact that the mental health and housing crisis are (in my opinion) deliberately manufactured problems facing our nation, tearing apart our nation state offers no solution to this. Instead of working within the proper constitutional structure of this land, Rees prefers to collaborate with "city level leaders, thinkers and mayors".

At this point I would make the observation that Common Purpose seems to be active in Bristol (although to be fair this outfit is active throughout our land). Please see the link below:

Common Purpose in Bristol

This leads neatly into this article, which is the recent State City Address of Marvin Rees:

Bristol Post: State City Address by Marvin Rees

In particular, I want to highlight the below:

"With globalisation and austerity changing the shape of the economy and as cities continue to attract people for work and community, so their economic impact and social resonance continues to grow in a way that builds the city identity. In their book, the Metropolitan Revolution, Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley describe this phenomenon as “Cities aggregate people and places in a geography that is large enough to make a difference but small enough to impart a sense of community and common purpose”.

And it is that sense of community and common purpose that we are using to drive forward the City Office and in writing a One Bristol Plan to map out Bristol’s future towards 2050, a plan for the city that we will all collectively write and deliver. I am grateful to Louise Sunderland from KPMG for co-ordinating this work for me and for the many city partners who are helping to plan it out and to write it."

Two things I want to pick out from this are firstly, the use of the words common purpose. If you are not familiar with the political charity "Common Purpose", please take a look at the substantial research done in to this group by Brian Gerrish. That Marvin Rees should mention this in his State City Address is concerning. Is it a coincidence or is he poking fun at those of us who know what is going on.

Is Marvin Rees a Common Purpose graduate? The question is worth asking and if he is, another strand of this spider's web of intrigue is unravelled.

Secondly, I want to question why KPMG, a corporate, globalist entity is co-ordinating the plan for Bristol's future towards 2050? This doesn't seem to be very constitutional to me.

At this point I want to come on to the European Union.

Firstly, I would like to recommend this excellent book pictured below to all readers. The information contained in it is astounding. It goes back the the roots of the EU, how it was CIA funded and follows it though to recent years. I believe this book was written before the treasonous EU was rejected by the public in 2016.

The EU: A Corporatist Racket by David Barnby

Please read this link below as it helps evidence some of what I am saying:

EU Regionalisation Evidence

The European Commission published the above which shows that regionalisation is one of their agendas. The bulk of the content of the article doesn't bear too much relevance to what I am getting at in this article, but it shows that regionalisation is something the European Commission and by extension the EU are pushing. Granted this is for fisheries, but the same regionalisation agenda is being pushed into other areas.

Let us turn back to October 2004 when John Prescott brought about a retrospective and unlawful referendum to legitimise the already unlawfully appointed, unconstitutional, North East England Regional Assembly (NEERA). NEERA had been set up in 1999. It was, some say, part of a divide and conquer agenda by the EU to destroy our nation.

From my research these things seem to rebrand and it seems NEERA is now no more, but was replaced by something, which has now been replaced with something else (and so on), but I think with the regional Mayors, we are seeing Prescott's referendum being brought back in through the back door to try and con an electorate with new additions from the youth, who have been given the full brainwashing treatment in our subverted education system (that is not to say we don't have some very good teachers, but there is certainly a drive by globalists to indoctrinate our children with guff as I showed in my recent features on Educate and Celebrate).

Back on 4th November 2004, the North East rejected NEERA in an all-postal ballot by 77.9% to 22.1% (turnout was 48%). What is more, every single council area in the voting area had a majority vote for "no".

In summary, why is the letter on having a Yorkshire Mayor treason? If we are to view this as an EU plot to break up our country and control it, we must remember this important part of our constitution from the Common Law Declaration of Right (also made into the statute Bill of Rights):

"..... noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiassticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God."

The current government (not that it retains any authority lawfully after committing Treason) has no intention of upholding this part of our constitution. I am a peaceable man and would like to see the members of government that are guilty of Treason, redeemed, forgiven and treating their fellow man with love and compassion, but I feel the need to mention here the possible reason why they are running scared and calling truthful news outlets "fake news". The punishment under Common Law for Treason is still the death penalty. I have no desire to see these people dead, but if a tidal wave of public opinion removed them from their positions and put them on trial, could such a tidal wave see them executed? It's certainly a possibility and one that they are no doubt aware of.

The Queen could also be said to have betrayed the Crown via the Treaty of Lisbon which was presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs by command of Her Majesty in December 2007. We need our response to this to be correct, not to seek an insurrection or violent rebellion, but there is a contract between the people and the Crown, that the Queen (or King when the time comes) must defend our constitution. If that means her authorising treason charges against Members of Parliament then we must give her our support should she do so.

Click here to read the Treaty of Lisbon

We are the ones who know what is happening. All of us that are aware of this and want it to stop need to talk about it. Tell your next door neighbour, the man you talk to in the shop, the paperboy. Make sure the message doesn't stop with you. If we all try to make more people aware, this disgraceful attack on this country can be halted. The government are running scared, Theresa May and co know that if their little game is stopped, it means charges of Treason for the lot of them.

As you can see the letter signed by those in positions of authority locally relates to regionalisation. That is an EU process. Whilst it may be hard to substantiate a treason charge off that letter alone, it must be noted what the long term effects of appointing a mayor for Yorkshire as per their suggestion would be.

I'll be back with more articles over the coming days and remember, it's up to us to act with love and try to turn back the destructive forces ravaging our land.

Action conquers fear!




Further Reading

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