The Disruptive Innovators Network

by the Editor
Published 1/2/2020
Minor amendments 2/2/2020 and 22/3/2020

I touched on the Disruptive Innovators Network in a recent article. It piqued my interest somewhat so I decided to dig deeper and as I did what unfolded seems to be a network that has links across throughout this island. This is a web comprised of groups of "Disruptors" or as some of them frame it "D/sruptors".

It must be made clear that it is fairly obvious that not everyone (and maybe not anyone) involved in these networks is going to be acting maliciously and some involved will be unaware of the dangers of these sorts of groups, but the point of this article is to expose how these networks are being used to push certain ideas and narratives nationally and internationally. Some of these ideas and narratives are certainly not in our interests.

The Disruptive Innovators Network seems to have a large presence within the social housing sector. I find this quite worrying when it seems one of the things that is encouraged is the deliberate disruption of a business. In the documentation below there is detail of a man setting up a group to put himself out of business once he had got his business going. I ask if this is a good idea for a group that promotes this sort of thing to be involved within our social housing sector?

Destroying your own company?

Click here to view the full document

You will also notice the "Smart City" agenda raising its head in this document. You will also notice Amazon, BT, AO and even the MET Office are in there all mixing together and no doubt influencing impressionable minds in other places.

It seems that the top man at the Disruptive Innovators Network is a gentleman named Ian Wright. Please note this is not the same Ian Wright of Celtic, Burnley, Arsenal and Crystal Palace.

Take a look here:

I noticed a rather strange retweet from him about someone eating lunch made in a toilet. This tweet was promoting Local Welcome. A little look at their Twitter page shows a retweet supporting and congratulating George Soros and Open Society. That could lead into a whole other article in itself, but I expect many reading this will know much about George Soros already.


Also Ian retweets a lady called Claire who in turn retweets the First Sea Lord tweeting about "Change Agents".

First Sea Lord

Whilst delving into the activities of Ian Wright, I discovered L Marks ( L Marks describe themselves in the following blurb:

"L Marks are experts in applied corporate innovation programmes and early-stage investors. Through our collaboration programmes, corporates learn how to embrace disruption and startups win the support required to succeed. We bridge the gap between industry leaders and the innovators shaping their sectors. Working with the world’s best-known brands, we identify business challenges and create bespoke scouting projects and collaboration programmes to take them on. We see challenges as opportunities for improvement and innovation."

Now this is the usual corporate spiel of nu-speak, but I think it important we dissect this to see exactly what is going on here. "Applied Corporate Innovation" sounds very interesting to me, in particular the use of the word applied, it brings to mind thoughts of reframing techniques. Now I am not saying these two processes are linked, but there is a similarly named subject called "Applied Innovation" which to me seems very much an NLP exercise in reframing people. The two videos below, I think illustrate this point. You will notice the Common Purpose/change agent type theme and drawings in these videos on "Applied Innovation".

Coming back to L Marks, they have a page where the detail team members ( Now this page contains information about Ian Wright of the Disruptive Innovators Network who assists them in the capacity of "Innovation Advisor".

On Ian's profile they say:

"Ian Wright

Ian has over 30 years experience in senior executive roles in the social housing/impact space. His interest has been around collaborative innovation, in particular through experiential learning of going into high performing, disruptive businesses to see what makes them what they are. Ian created the Disruptive Innovators Network – a boutique network for social housing CIOs. He builds communities of interest and connects them with leaders and organisations to make a difference to the societies they work with. He has led programmes into the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft, John Lewis, Metrobank, Amazon Web Services, The Eden Project, The Community Shop, Brompton Bicycles,

Previously, Ian was Assistant Director at HouseMark is one of the UK housing sector’s largest membership organisations.  In this role he worked with L Marks to lead on the creation on the housing industry’s first crowd-funded startup accelerator, HouseMark Evolve."

We can see from this that a network is being built here and it seems to be a vast international one. My questions are what purposes are these networks working towards and are they ones that the general public would agree with? We clearly see some of the change agent key terms in here, collaboration, innovation, disruption and leaders are all mentioned. Now these words are not inherently suspicious words in themselves, but when I see these words used by organisations in these contexts it jumps out at me that change agents are at work.

I have seen these sorts of people destroy a workplace before. Throughout the whole process they were patting themselves on the back about how well they were doing transforming the business, whilst in reality the business which was previously brilliant, was now falling apart.

For more information on HouseMark Evolve see the below:

Another gentleman I came across in my research is Paul Hackett. I found him courtesy of Ian Wright retweeting him.


You can read more about Paul here:

Of note to me is that he oversaw the transformation of service delivery. The use of the word transformation in this context also hints at change agent activity. Transformation is a word and can also have good meanings, but the context here raises an eyebrow for me.

This gentleman won an award for being the "Best Supporting Male". This award was won by Paul at the "Women in Housing Awards" on 11th October 2018 in Manchester. This is not meant to have a go at women, as men and women are designed to be together, as we read in the Bible. What is of concern is that feminism seems to take a rather misandristic angle where divisions are driven and men are presented as oppressors. Of course, I wasn't at that conference so cannot validate if there was any misandrism to it. I'm not quite sure why any of these award ceremonies in housing, whether they be for men or for women are really necessary. It's good for people to have a meal and relax together as colleagues, but I find these award events rather over the top and egotistical these days. Recognizing good work and saying well done to people doesn't have to become a big flashy event, that's something we can do each day.

Back on to Ian Wright, we can also find him involved as a consultant with "Social Enterprise UK".

The Cabinet Office is a partner so we are straight into the heart of the government. Notice also that the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is a partner. We have the main man from the Disruptive Innovators Network here involved as a consultant at a group linked into the government. Are we going to let these networks pull strings across our nation and roll out their agendas unchallenged or are we going to ask them what they are doing and with whose authority?

You will note some other interesting partners for Social Enterprise UK below:

Social Enterprise UK Partners

Ian can also be found at "Unforgiving Minute":

Now we have to be fair and balanced, there seems to be some charitable stuff in here, but how can one man manage to adequately carry out all these tasks and how does he seem to have so much influence over so many things? The question has to be asked as to if he should be exerting the level of influence that it seems he may be exerting throughout our nation. Maybe he tries to be a force for good, but I would suggest that far from bringing about innovation, that instead these networks bring about an enforced uniformity where people think they are doing some grand and new, but in fact are being directed entirely at the whim of a small group of people.

I advise readers to look at the 2019 Disruption and Innovation Summit which at least in part seems to have been social housing related:

5G is on stream 2 with a presentation from BT so we can see the 5G agenda coming into housing. "Workforce re-engineering" mentioned on stream 1 also sounds worrying.

Look at all the different companies linked in across these 3 "streams". A veritable spider's web across the country.

Ian is also to be found at Disruption Hub:

From the 2 links below, we can see the Disruption Summit is coming to Leeds on 24th March 2020. The Ministry of Defence and the NHS seem to have links to the Disruption Summit from a glance at their website. Readers may want to dig a little deeper.

Below I have placed a blurb about one of Disruption Hub's partner's "PA Consulting" along with a link to their website.

PA Consulting

Please note they are linked in with defence and security as well as the government. The "transformation" and "innovation" words also jump out at me. This is sheer nu-speak at its finest. Perhaps any of you reading who are interested could start looking at what PA Consulting are doing in government and in defence and security matters and share your findings?

Now back to another feature from the Disruption Hub:

The below jumped out at me:

"The Changing Nature of Competition – Is collaboration replacing competition?"

So are we to have no competition in business with the end game of one control grid? Perhaps we are all to shop at Amazon and be a cashless society. I think you have to be a member to read the actual article, but if anyone can furnish me with a copy I would be grateful.

This next article is downright bizarre and weird. I will let you read for yourself (although be warned it is something you might not want to open at work):

I'd like to draw the article into our own locality now with Yorkshire Housing:

Ian Wright Retweets Steve Thorlby-Coy

Here we find Ian Wright retweeting Steve Thorlby-Coy (Head of ICT at our main local social housing provider, Yorkshire Housing). Yorkshire Housing are seeking a "Lead Innovator". Will this person be tasked with disrupting our social housing service? Is Steve innovatively disrupting Yorkshire Housing one wonders?

Before I go on I will say if this gentleman ever reads this that I am sorry to have to single him out like this and I hope it won't be taken personally. This article is simply aimed at questioning precisely what is going on with these disruption group.

If the comments I reproduce below are indeed from the same man, then I have some concerns. The website these comments were on seems very much to be an "inspirational nu-speak" type of website. I don't want this sort of thing reshaping our local housing service. Secondly I have always found the best managers just get the job done and work with people without the need to overthink it.

Indeed, my favourite manager barely ever did appraisals, he'd maybe do one for a few minutes each year to tick a box. He made sure his team worked fine throughout the year so there was never much need for anything to be said in appraisals. It was like a well oiled machine. If more managers could be like that man, workplaces would be a lot better.

I also noticed a Stephen Thorlby-Coy having being involved with sexual therapy. If this is the same man is he perhaps skilled with Neuro-Linguistic Programming?


If all these Thorlby-Coys are indeed the same man, I would hazard a guess that this man knows a lot about how to handle people and perhaps persuade or convince people into doing things.

He might be a really nice man so this is certainly no character assassination of him. Simply to say that I have concerns about groups working collectively without it being made fully clear to us who they are and what their purpose and agendas are. Housing is there for people in need so there should be full transparency to us as to what is going on.

In summary we have "Disruptors" at work throughout our nation it would seem. I don't want to besmirch these people. I am not saying we have evil masterminds running amok everywhere, but what I am saying is that these people in my opinion should find their own little place and get on with things instead of trying to change things everywhere, needlessly, where they are working fine already. It seems to me that their innovation will bring the opposite, a uniformity brought about by an echo chamber of backslapping and copying.

Ian Wright seems to be quite a busy man and as I have shown above he is involved in a lot of things.

I am casting no aspersions on his motives, he might be one of the nicest blokes about. Personally I do take issue with what he is doing as I believe it is damaging companies, I believe it is not something which is helping this country and I know from my own experience that without a miracle taking place, a man can only spread himself so thin. Ian Wright seems to have too many jobs for one man to perform. Those are my views on the matter, but I encourage you to do your own research and not to simply take my word for it.

If you the reader are concerned and want to know what you can do about it, please join me on the Craven Freedom team, I need co-editors and contributors to dig out and help spread factual information about what is going on in Britain.

To anyone featured in this article who may read it, I am not trying to have a go at you. I hope you will receive God's blessings in your lives and if you want to reply to anything on here, please contact me. I do not believe that having these change agents throughout the country is in our best interests, but everyone must make up their own mind.