BBC: The Masters of Subversion (LGBT Special)

by the Editor
Published 3/10/2018
Edit made 7/10/2018 (light rewording to show Educate and Celebrate is integrated into the curriculum and is not a curriculum itself)

It has come to my attention over recent days that the spiritually sick organisation known as the BBC has embarked upon yet another campaign of child abuse.

This underhand organisation has featured Bewsey Lodge School which seems to be a hotbed of sexual deviancy and what I would also class as militant and paedophilic homosexual behaviour.

There are a few sources that have followed up on this and I have tried to pull some of that together, whilst also adding in some of my own research.

Please excuse me posting such a sickening video link, but if you click the link below, you can watch the LGBT propaganda piece from the BBC.

Bewsey Lodge School Child Mental Abuse Video

This is an absolute disgrace from both the school and the disgusting BBC.

Two men cannot marry each other and neither can two women. It doesn't matter what the government say on the matter. The meaning of marriage was never given to man to define. It is never something that worldly authorities were given the power to define. Any homosexual marriage is as valid and absurd as if I were to declare myself an elephant. I could insist I was an elephant, but I wouldn't be. That is the same level of insanity that we are witnessing here. The schools may be brainwashed and well meaning, I don't know enough about the individuals at that school to say their intentions. The BBC however, is evil and hellbent on destroying this country, whether that be by its daily pro-EU drivel or its incessant child abuse and promotion of abnormal sexual practices. That's not to say that all the people at the BBC are evil, but the BBC as an ideology or movement is evil in some of what it promotes.

A Traditional Family
This is an example of the family as intended.

I watched some of the propaganda on Bewsey Lodge School's YouTube channel and was shocked at what I was watching. I won't link every video, but one does feature later on in this article. The Head Teacher who is Emma Wright, I am sorry to say, should stand down with immediate effect (or do a 180 degree turn on the way she is running things in the sexuality respect). The below quote seems to be from her, if I have read their website correctly:

"In 2017/2018 we are hoping to further develop our links with Parents/Carers and the wider school community. Our school is enhanced by welcoming and embracing children from the local community and further afield. We aim to  celebrate the lives, cultures, religions and diversity of every child who walks through our doors and teach the children, from an early age, the importance of respect, love and acceptance of others. This year we will be working towards the Educate & Celebrate Award which celebrates successful curriculum integration of education around LGBT, more information can found at"

Quote from: Bewsey Lodge Head Teacher Page

This is absolutely unacceptable and I would urge all Craven Freedom readers to call, email or write to this Head Teacher to try and bring her to her senses as the woman is clearly in a bad place spiritually.

One does have to wonder if the spectre of Common Purpose is lurking in the shadows at Bewsey Lodge School. Especially with this sickening piece of child abuse linked below:

Bewsey Lodge School Child Abuse Choir

This sick and appalling website seems to detail the curriculum integration that Bewsey Lodge are implementing and it is horrendous:

You only have to glance at that website to see it is yet another attack on both young impressionable minds and the minds of those teaching them.

Peter Tatchell seems to be involved in this, so again we have paedophile agenda lurking in the background.

This sickening group quotes Tatchell as saying:

"We know that the schools where Educate & Celebrate works, that levels of prejudice go way way down"

Peter Tatchell July 2018

I would like to add my own quote from this man who is at the very least, a paedophile sympathiser.

"Several of my friends gay and straight, male and female had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy."

Tatchell Paedophilia

Peter Tatchell 26th June 1997 in The Guardian (date given on the website linked below and not verifiable as I do not have the paper)

I obtained this information from the Matthew Hopkins News website. There is some excellent additional information on Peter Tatchell's promotion of paedophile activities in this article, which I won't go in to in depth, as I feel it is only right that his website gets the web traffic for this excellent piece of investigative journalism. Please click the link below to read it:

Matthew Hopkins' - Peter Tatchell Investigation

If we now jump back to Educate and Celebrate, what do we see? None other than BBC Children in Need's seal of approval stamped on the website. Children certainly aren't in need of being abused, but then again this is the BBC that we are talking about.

Approved by Children in Need

In summary we have gone from the BBC promoting child mental and sexual abuse (I consider this deliberate pushing of sexual immorality on to children as sexual abuse), to a school doing that same abuse, into LGBT curriculum integration being pushed on school, material which is approved by someone with strong ties to paedophilia and then back to the BBC via Children in Need approving this scheme.

Paedophilia is already on the road to being normalised. The TV and papers featuring interviews with people who are non-active paedophiles and trying to portray them as a victim. Characters of the same ilk are being placed in dramas. You may say these people need help and that at least they are not acting on these desires. I would agree these people need help, but they shouldn't be presented as having been born this way and unable to help it. This is the same way they slid homosexuality in.

For closing comments I would like to say, the audacity of the BBC to have a childrens' charity is astounding. They are to child protection what Theresa May is to leaving the European Union. With Children in Need's annual event coming up, I urge readers to donate nothing to this charity. Give it to one that doesn't promote this sort of thing.

Finally, it is incumbent on us to do what we can to help sodomites recover from their position and hopefully be saved.


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