BBC: 5G Propaganda?

by the Editor
Published 25/9/2018
Article redone a bit - 10/11/2020 made it a little kinder and removed some bits.

Craven Freedom

The propaganda from the BBC has continued this past week.

The channel whose flagship programmes now include a sensationalist soap opera in London and a time travelling transsexual, decided to insult and besmirch those of us shedding light on the truth about 5G over the past week.

Should the BBC as it is now be shut down? For me the answer is a resounding yes. Do we need a truthful national broadcaster? Quite probably, but maybe it would be better to have that truthful broadcaster start afresh and not be tainted by a brand name associated with paedophilia and fake news?

I by no means want the decent people who work at the BBC out of a job and unable to support their family. The honest and decent ones would be a vital component of a new broadcaster.

What is it that the BBC have done this time? Well, it concerns an episode of Holby City where a patient presented as having headaches. These headaches it seems had been happening for many years and the patient lived near a mobile phone mast.

The episode reportedly displayed the man as a nut job and pushed the false narrative that mobile phone masts aren't harmful.

The BBC obviously don't care about research which concludes that wireless technology is harmful.

The patient ended up being diagnosed with making himself sick by delusions.

I became aware of this broadcast from a report on Tap Newswire.

To read the report click here.

The time has now come for this enemy of the people, the BBC, to be challenged head on.

If you have a TV licence, cancel it. Defund the BBC. Turn the telly off, get online and get some real information. Then get out, meet people and talk about what's going on. If the licence man comes, remember you don't need to say or sign anything. You don't even need to open the door to them. I would not want to encourage you not to offer these licence enforcers the chance to learn the truth, but if you are new to this sort of thing, the best thing you can do to avoid further issues is to say nothing, confirm nothing and sign nothing.

I can recommend the UK Column's 3 weekly news reports as a much better alternative to the pro-EU pieces that the BBC produce. To visit their website click here.

Again, I will reiterate, this is not aimed at everyone at the BBC. The ones of you who are rightly appalled by the agendas being driven by this propaganda machine very much have a part to play. You can help cleanse the BBC from within.

The Craven Freedom has already published several pieces on the dangers of 5G and that it must be stopped. I reiterate this today. If the BBC had any respect for life, they wouldn't broadcast such subversion. Their behaviour could cost lives. It's up to us to challenge them.