The British Constitution: Your Unalienable Rights

by the Editor

In Britain today we have the police, government, local councils and various private companies breaking the British Constitution as regular as clockwork. Perhaps you didn't know we even have a constitution. That may well be the case as it gives us many protections which we are entitled to make use of.

Let me give one you example of a breach of the constitution by the police. I know that at least one of the local police forces have been hiding in partially secluded spaces adjacent our local roads and taking pictures of people to fine them for not wearing seat belts. The police have no such authority to fine anyone for this and have in fact become criminals themselves by doing so. I am not trying to advocate not wearing a seat belt here (as life is a precious gift and should be protected), but to fine someone for such a thing is utterly unacceptable by the laws of this country. Any statute they rely on to try and justify it can be easily quashed via annulment by jury. I imagine you want proof of my claim that the police have no such authority so I quote below the relevant sections from the Magna Carta and from the Bill of Rights:

Magna Carta:

"20. A freeman shall not be amerced for a slight offense, except in accordance with the degree of the offense; and for a grave offense he shall be amerced in accordance with the gravity of the offense, yet saving always his "contentment"; and a merchant in the same way, saving his "merchandise"; and a villein shall be amerced in the same way, saving his "wainage" if they have fallen into our mercy: and none of the aforesaid amercements shall be imposed except by the oath of honest men of the neighborhood."

Fines such as those issued on the spot by enforcement officers are absolutely unlawful in other words. Likewise disproportionate fines are also unlawful even from a court.

By this I therefore also say the court system is regularly breaking the British constitution. I urge all readers that we need to protect the poor people who are falling victim to this. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not for one moment saying that anyone should break the law with impunity. What I am saying is that justice should be applied lawfully and proportionately. Indeed we also have the reverse of this situation going on in the courts where people are getting off very lightly, such as with paedophiles getting suspended sentences.

Declaration of Right:

"That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void."

In other words it is not lawful to fine or seize the property of anyone who has not been convicted and all previous fines and seizures are void and unlawful.

Declaration of Right:

"That jurors ought to be duly impanelled and returned, and jurors which pass upon men in trials for high treason ought to be freeholders."

In other words, I believe this states that trials now require the presence of jurors. In addition all jurors for trials of high treason must be land owners. This renders the secret courts with judges that steal children unlawful.

There are also parts of the Declaration of Right that were possibly designed to give Parliament unquestionable control over the people who created it, but we can and should protect people using the pieces above.

Our police force should be operating to protect us and not as a money making corporate entity. If you are a police constable reading this, I urge you to do what you can within the police to root out the enemy within. I know there are good men and women in the police. We need you and you need us. The corrupt element in the police need to be removed from their position and the vast wrongs they have done to many people need to be undone as best possible.

The above quotes from the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights are also full and valid defences against the criminal activities of private parking companies and enforcement agents.

Charlatans have overtaken the justice system and turned it into a giant game of Monopoly when the purpose of justice should be to set things straight, to protect the victim and reform the perpetrator.

I am also going to argue that the police are being used as an army against the people in. We have outrageous scenes like the ones below. These are not British police constables in the true sense of the word. The below are an army disguised as police to instill fear into the public.

Army Police
Army Police
Army Police

These may be very loving men above, but the way they are being set up is as thugs. This is not how the British police should be.

One of the main real threats to the British public lurks in Westminster, as many people are beginning to realise. Whilst it could be argued the Bill of Rights was at least partially designed to keep tyrannical kings in check, we now have a tyrannical parliament completely out of control which is guilty of extortion, rape, murder, paedophilia, and high treason to name but a few offences.

I also come on to the below, which I believe I have mentioned in previous articles, but there is cast iron proof below that we cannot lawfully be a member of the EU. I therefore say that any contracts we may have with the EU are null and void and that those responsible for putting us and keeping us in the current situation such as Ted Heath, John Major, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Theresa May and many others have a case to answer for High Treason (obviously I realise Heath is dead so he can't stand trial).

Bill of Rights:

"And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm. So help me God."

The EU: A Corporatist Racket

If you are a remainer (or indeed if you are on the leave side or neutral) I urge you to read this book (above) to see how the EU was a CIA project and to dig further into quotes such as the one from Peter Sutherland (Former UN Special Representative and former Chairman of Goldman and Sachs) below:

"The United States, or Australia and New Zealand, are migrant societies and therefore they accommodate more readily those from other backgrounds than we do ourselves, who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others.

And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine."

So he wanted the EU to undermine the cultures of nations.

Now, there are good and bad people from all countries and there are many different cultures. Some cultures are bad, some aren't. Cultures where children are ritually sacrificed for example are clearly not good, but to deliberately destroy good cultures (or cultures that are trying to live in a Godly way) is certainly not a good idea.

The problem we have is that in Britain, many different cultures have been thrown together and played off against each other to destroy the freedoms of the people of Britain and to make everyone lose track of who they actually are. Those brought into Britain from other cultures are as much victims in this as the more traditionally British people are. I know many people from other countries and have no problem with good people from other countries coming into this country, but the loss of Biblical values in our society should never have been allowed to happen.

What is been perpetrated on Briton and immigrant alike is divide and conquer. The whites are being made to hate the Asians and blacks due to absurd political correctness. Who brought in this political correctness? Was it those immigrants or was it the ruling elite. Whites are made to think the Asians and blacks are to blame for this when in reality they are not.

Silly politically correct policies are made by certain companies to make sure a certain percent ethnic minority are employed. In reality it shouldn't matter what someone's skin colour is and I am certain that the people controlling these policies at the very top are using them to rile up the white people and make them think that whites are being hard done by.

Likewise Asian and blacks are made to feel like they are looked down on by white people and that they get the rough end of the stick. A media figure may innocently make an innocuous remark which refers to someone black or Asian. They are pounced on and the victim mentality is drummed into that person to make them hate the white person who made the comment. This in turn riles up the white people and you have a vicious circle of divide and conquer. It's really up to us when we are aware of it, not to fall for it.

Asians are demeaned by their constant portrayal of being behind terrorist attacks in the western world. Whilst some maybe are conducted by Asians, a lot of these terror attacks are false flag government backed inside jobs. That's not to say that no-one ever dies in them and I am certainly not saying that there aren't Islamic terror groups (because there are, but the identities of those funding them is another interesting subject to look into), but I urge people to look into the truth behind things like the 7/7 bombings:

7/7 Bombings Site - Click to visit

This is a classic textbook case designed to stir up tensions and divide and conquer.

Rather than be divided and conquered by these tactics, we need to be awake to what is going on. In 2019 we find ourselves together on this island facing a threat in the establishment that wants to exterminate the lot of us, regardless of whether we are black, white, Asian or mixed race. We need to see to it that those doing this are brought to book under the full lawful authority of this land.

What I say to everyone on this island is that we all possess the unalienable rights granted by our constitution and detailed in the below documents. We all need to show a Godly love for each other and use these rights to protect one another.

The Magna Carta, 1215 (translated from the Latin)

Annulment by jury and why the Magna Carta 1215 is still in force today despite what some say

Declaration of Right (from Wikipedia)

Bill of Rights

The Queen's Coronation Oath

I have made an effort to get accurate copies of the above. The Magna Carta though, is translated from Latin, so if anything is wrong in it, please do correct me.

There is also the following quote from the Messiah that I want to highlight:

"24: And if a kingdome be diuided against it selfe, that kingdome cannot stand.

25: And if a house be diuided against it selfe, that house cannot stand."

Mark Chapter 3 Verses 24-25

King James 1611 Translation

Now I realise that this was spoken in response to a different situation. Therefore I am not trying to quote this saying out of context, but like many of His words of wisdom, I think it can be said it is equally applicable to many situations. Division tears people apart. Now we can of course have differences such as having different hobbies, having different skills or different points of view, but allowing them to divide us causes us to fall.

If a United Kingdom becomes a divided kingdom, it falls. Ask yourselves whose hands it would fall into.

Gender politics are a great example of this and are destroying the family unit. The destruction of the family unit in turn destroys society.

Unite in a Godly fashion and prosper!