The Great British Mortgage Swindle

by the Editor

Are you familiar with the fractional reserve banking system?

Are you aware that banks loan you nothing? They make the money out of thin air and not only that, they have the cheek to charge interest on it. This is of course fraud, but this is how the banks in Britain operate.

Fractional reserve banking put bluntly is a system where banks can put out more money than they actually have. On top of that they can create money out of thin air for that house you want to buy, rather than having to loan to you from the money they have. I was astounded to learn this when in my 20s, having previously believed they loaned the money that is deposited in the banks out to people.

We have a completely unsustainable situation where banks are able to credit out several multiples of their actual assets by creating money out of thin air.

Obviously any initial creation of a money system involves creating something of value out of more or less nothing (attributing value to a stack of paper and coins - remember though that the banks are now making up money that nothing physical exists to back up though). It's not so much the initial creation of money from thin air that is the issue, it is more that once the money system was set up, a certain cabal was given the powers to create money out of thin air, whilst pretending to be lending something and then have the audacity to charge interest on top of it to the poor victim. This is financial fraud of the highest order being conducted on high streets up and down Britain. If I were to lend you something, I would have to have it to lend it to you, should the same not apply to the banks?

A funny quip might be that in reality if everyone drew their money out of the banks, we would find there wasn't the money to cover it so the banks would be both financially and morally bankrupt.

There are 2 episodes of Humanity vs. Insanity included below on this topic which are well worth watching.

Humanity vs. Insanity Episode 8:

Humanity vs. Insanity Episode 111

In these videos you will hear of mortgages being put through before the recipient of the mortgage owns the property and mortgages being signed with no witnesses.

I also encourage you to research the Credit River case where a man initially managed to get a judge and jury to nullify a mortgage only for this to be later overruled.

The courts won't properly touch this here as they know it will unravel everything. It would dissolve the power base of the establishment and all their antics, murder, paedophilia, slavery, perjury and treason would all be brought to full public view as the house of cards collapsed. They control the earth via their banking system. Only because the people at large believe it holds value do they hold influence. If the truth was widely known things would change.

There is a quote going round that states:

"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!"

I won't get into conjecture about who may or may not have said this, but there is a lot of truth in this statement. We need to ask who is really running this country.

I will be interested to see the film that is being advertised at this website (also heavily referred to in Humanity vs. Insanity Episode 111):

Having not watched it I can't rate it as such, but it looks very interesting and informative.

As one of my closing notes for this article, I would like to point out that even the mainstream media occasionally touch upon this sort of things. Here is a Guardian article on this subject:

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