Policing the News?

by the Editor
Published 8/5/2020

I've noticed in recent days a rising rhetoric which seems to be saying you can only trust information about the Coronavirus from "official sources" such as the NHS and challenging people not to share information from other sources.

In response to that I would say how then do we challenge the official sources being wrong, which I believe they are? I've published numerous articles recently showing another side of the argument. Why should that side of the argument be silenced? Why does the establishment fear debate? Surely it is about finding the truth and not either side of us just forcing our side of the argument? Even if you are in the right telling the other side of the argument to shut up doesn't tend to have a good effect.

In the case of Coronavirus I believe the lockdown has caused a lot of deaths and it needs to be lifted immediately. I would encourage people to investigate this and make up your own minds. If you just listen to the Mainstream Media, Government and NHS you don't get the other side of the argument.

It has been reported that Greater Manchester Police tweeted and then deleted the below:

It was reported here: https://reclaimthenet.org/uk-police-conspiracy-theories

If this is a genuine Police tweet it concerns me. I grasp that this may be in the context of terrorism and extremism, but given we have seen all sorts of groups such as anti-frackers demonized in recent years, is it too much of a jump to think we could see people being lifted for daring to do something like say that the Coronavirus legislation is killing people?

The thing about theories as well is that theories such as the theory of evolution which is a mishmash of truth and untruths are allowed to be taught at schools, but theorizing about what impact 5G could have on Coronavirus is unacceptable? They can't have it both ways.

In positive news we have seen a sense of community come out of this lockdown. It is my hope that will grow and that things like Coronavirus lockdowns will not overcome our nation again.