Common Law vs Statute Law

by the Editor
Published 24/6/2019

John Smith of the Common Law Court ( has challenged the statute court system that it is beneath Common Law.

The Common Law Court has annulled Lyn Thyer's extradition to France for what involvement she had in making GcMAF.

John Smith was at one of the statute courts on 17/6/2019 challenging the very fabric of our modern law/legality system. This crux of this case is seminal and should be mainstream news, but isn't.

Of course the court case was somewhat pointless. John Smith turned up and made the position clear that he was the living man John from the Smith family and that he held ownership of the legal fiction LYNDA THYER. Judge Snow had him thrown out of the court and then to add insult to injury issued an immediate arrest warrant for Lyn Thyer.

It would mean massive changes in terms of the EU, medicines law and just about every aspect where people are abused in society. Superiority for the Common Law Court would sweep away a tidal wave of injustices.

I include some of Ian R Crane's videos and a feature called "Meet Your Strawman" below. To me this is very interesting. If the end result of this is that a system of total fraud where we are tricked into thinking a legal entity which sounds very similar to us is actually us, then it is a game changer to reassert the truth.

Common law courts with juries possessing the power to annul unjust Acts of Parliament would restore balance.

The common law court in their judgment in relation to the Lyn Thyer case has also annulled the 1939 Cancer Act. I feel that the 1939 Cancer Act is disturbing and seems to be slanted towards preventing any cure to cancer coming to be mainstream knowledge. Why would anyone want to do that? Maybe I've misunderstood it, but I can't in all decency not speak out against this and allow people to die when cancer is curable.

Now we all know there are fake cures out there, but if you put any degree of research into this you will find numerous cases of individuals cured of cancer by taking a different path to the big pharma one. GcMAF is one of these such cures, but by no means the only one. At the end of the day if you have cancer you must make up your own mind, but be wary about telling the medical profession if you choose a different path. You may find the Police paying you a visit to confiscate whatever treatment course you have decided to take so it may be wise to keep it under your hat until you are cured.

That's not to say all Police would do that as there are some real decent people in the Police who would not obey any such order to effectively kill a person, but some people have not yet reached that level where they will refuse to carry out something that is wrong at work.

None of us are perfect and I certainly am far from it, we must all resist evil and oppose it.

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