The Police Need to Check Your Thinking

by the Editor
Published 18/1/2020

Yes, you did read that right. The Police are now operating as "Thought Police". Welcome to 1984.

Harry Miller, a docker (and former Policeman) from Humberside has been harassed by police over his Twitter activities and a limerick about sexual deviancy that cropped up. The behaviour of the Police in this incident was outrageous. Harry Miller says that during the harassment he was told by the Police:
"We need to check your thinking".

I must make it clear that no crime was committed which makes this statement even more worrying. This is 1984 in real life. This is the "Thought Gestapo". Do we simply allow this to go unchallenged or do we speak out as is our lawful right?

The complainant in this case was described as a victim despite no crime having been committed. According to reports the officer also told Harry Miller that he needed to watch his words more carefully or he was as risk of being sacked by the company for hate speech.

Now this I believe personally to be a criminal act of blackmail. This poor man is effectively being told don't disapprove of LGBT or we'll try to get you sacked. This is unacceptable behaviour from the Police.

I don't know how many Police were involved in this, but one was named as PC Mansoor Gul. Mansoor Gul and anyone else involved in this act of thought terrorism need to be asked what exactly they are playing at. They need to get on with dealing with actual crimes instead of namby pambying around with this dross. Free speech is not something to be censored. If God who actually has the right to censor speech chooses to allow us to have free speech then who are the Police to silence free speech? Some horrible things have been said about God, but He hasn't stopped people from saying those things.

Harry Miller had retweeted a tweet which rightly questioned whether mutilated men are biological women. It included the lines:
"Your breasts are made of silicone, your vagina goes nowhere."

This is somewhat explicit content, but the message it conveys is true, except for the fact that men don't have vaginas.

As already stated no crime was committed, despite this, sharing the limerick online was recorded as a hate incident.

PC Mansoor Gul is quoted as having said the following to Harry Miller:
"I've been on a course and what you need to understand is that you can have a foetus with a female brain that grows male body parts and that’s what a transgender person is.”

This is utter and total guff. It is insanity of the highest order, but let us not be unkind. Mansoor has clearly been brainwashed on this course and is now a reframed individual. Mansoor needs to be helped out of this reframed state.

When I think of what a Police Constable should be like, I think back to the old ITV series Heartbeat. They should be kind, righteous and upstanding. Now you could analyse the series and no doubt find that even those characters weren't perfect examples, but the Police in that were largely seeking to do the right thing and not behaving anywhere near like we see the Police behaving today. As a side note I'd like to mention my sadness at the passing of Derek Fowlds who played the iconic Oscar Blaketon in Heartbeat. Indeed one of the early episodes of Heartbeat had his character bravely standing against unnatural sexual behaviour.

Oscar Blaketon
Farewell Oscar

What can you do? Push back at this at every opportunity. Speak common sense. There's no need for us to be rude. Simply expose the politically correct viewpoints as being wrong and flawed, use the scriptures and stand tall and strong. The key to stopping these sorts of things is resistance. If we cower, they get ever stronger. Standing and saying no to these acts sends a very strong message. You doing so empowers others to say no themselves and when more and more people say no to what is wrong, the darkness will flee.

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