What is Going on?

by the Editor
Published 3/5/2020
Slightly modified 6/5/2020

As Britain still remains in lockdown, questions must be asked. Please do not be angered by anything in this article, simply consider if the lockdown is right or wrong and maybe ask relevant questions to those in parliament.

I have been deep in research recently, hence the less frequent articles, but I have a wealth of information ready to supply over the coming weeks now.

Some questions I would like to ask and encourage debate on are:

Why are some non-lockdown countries having vastly less deaths per million of the population than we are from this so called virus?

Why are people who have clearly died of other things having Coronavirus listed as a cause of death? (Stories abound of people seriously ill dying of their longstanding ailment and being labelled as COVID-19)

I would ask just how many COVID-19 deaths really are COVID-19 deaths?

Why are we getting so many excess deaths which cannot be written off as Coronavirus deaths even with the aforementioned mark as much as possible as Coronavirus tactics?

I would ask that readers look into ID2020 and the possibility that it could be combined into a forthcoming Gates COVID-19 vaccination. This is still an agenda that is lacking some clarity as to what it will be. Some are saying ID2020 will be a microchip or microdot and for some Christians immediate alarm bells of Mark of the Beast are ringing. I am aware there is debate and am saying it is one we need to watch and be wary of. Whether it is the Mark of the Beast or not I strongly advise against having ID2020 whatever it turns out to be. It is clearly part of a control grid.

Take a look here: https://id2020.org/

Is there to be an attempt at compulsory vaccination? This has happened before in Britain during the 1800s and 1900s and was defeated in the end.

This article from The Guardian with Matt Hancock quoted below is quite concerning:

Full article here: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/sep/29/government-seriously-considering-compulsory-vaccinations-matt-hancock
or: https://archive.is/kYGZa

“I’ve said before that we should be open-minded, and frankly, what I’d say is that when the state provides services to people then it’s a two-way street – you’ve got to take your responsibilities, too,” Hancock told the Q&A session hosted by the Huffington Post.

“So I think there’s a very strong argument for having compulsory vaccinations for children when they go to school, because otherwise they’re putting other children at risk.

“Then I’d want to make it very easy if the children do arrive at school not vaccinated, simply to get vaccinated, and make it the norm. But I think there’s a very strong argument for movement to compulsory vaccination, and I think the public would back us.”

Hancock would do well to remember he is a public servant and not a public master. If Hancock thinks vaccinations are so brilliant then why are some people advised even by the medical community not to take them if they have certain pre-existing conditions.

I would also say if vaccines are so brilliant those that do take them have nothing to fear from those of us who don't take them. Of course should this debate actually be properly held it would have to be admitted that vaccines do not stop you getting illnesses, they are in fact designed to program your immune response and it is obvious when you start researching that far from helping, this essential hacking of the immune system has actually been shown to lower defences against certain ailments by making the body react in a less effective way, thus making it worse for the vaccinated individual than it will be for the unvaccinated.

This same article even says the UK had a Measles free status. The award of such a status is highly questionable in the first instance as Measles is in most cases a minor, although unpleasant ailment. Consequently, there is no real need to involve the medical profession should you fall ill with it. Hence not every case will be logged.

There is historical documentation of diagnosis criteria being refined to falsely make vaccines appear effective which has been highlighted in a rather excellent book called Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk.

Hancock is also quoted saying this: "Those who have promoted the anti-vaccination myth are morally reprehensible, deeply irresponsible and have blood on their hands."

I find this comment totally unacceptable. I have children and I don't vaccinate them. As a loving parent I have taken the time to do the research and because I love my children I have chosen not to vaccinate them.

For Matt Hancock to call those of us who have taken time to do research and make a considered decision morally reprehensible is downright wrong.

What I would ask is better morally, to make a considered decision (whether that be to have or not have the vaccine) or to have a random concoction pumped into yourself or your child by the medical profession without knowing very much about it?

A further quote from the Guardian article is:

"Several US states, including California, have introduced such laws for state school pupils but also faced lengthy legal challenges.

Asked about such potential opposition in the UK, Hancock said: “Actually, I’ve received advice inside government this week on how we might go about it, and I’m looking very seriously at it.”

This BBC article (below) also tells us that groundwork for compulsory vaccinations is underway. Are we ready to say no to this?
Full article here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-49881317
or here: https://archive.is/ecdDJ

"Department of Health and Social Care officials and lawyers are doing the groundwork on a mandatory vaccination policy. Although, that certainly does not imply any inevitability.

Mr Hancock seems to want to test the water and tease out opinions."

Our servants in Parliament are trying to assume the position of master here. That is not who they are within the law of the land. In Britain, Parliament is a servant of the people.

As shown above we are seeing rising rhetoric attacking those against vaccines. Further examples include what was said at Event 201.

Event 201 was a simulation of a Coronavirus Pandemic held in October 2019 (conveniently just before one actually happened). There were some very big players there and I am planning (unless anything more appropriate comes up) to do little features on some of the attendees. Some of them have some very, very interesting links. They were also very concerned about "fake news". Should you want to watch this event, it was recorded and is available in a 5 part video series below:

Event 201 Videos - Click to open

Contact tracing is another area of concern. Do not let fear and baseless fear at that to make you surrender your privacy. Contact tracing is and should be called spying on you.

Some of the questions asked above feature in Friday's edition of UK Column News which I embed below, but before that I'd like to finish by saying.

Let's end this lockdown!