Vaccine Passports Fiddled Through in Wales

by the Editor
Published 11/10/2021

There were dodgy goings-on in Wales as the diabolical vaccine passport scheme was fiddled through, by virtue of a technical difficulty preventing a vote getting through, which would have put paid to this nefarious scheme.

Member of the Senedd (MS) Gareth Davies was unable to vote due to Zoom issues despite it being said that he was offered IT support to get on. Had Davies managed to vote the result would have been a 28-28 tie resulting in the vaccine passports not going through. That said I expect Drakeford and his merry entourage would have managed to find some other way to make sure it got through at a later date.

The Speaker of the Senedd, Elin Jones behaved in a manner which to me left a lot to be desired. Just look at the video below:

Criticism could be levelled at both Davies and Jones, but something stinks about this whole affair. For a piece of tyranny and outright immoral and perverse abomination to be put through is disgraceful at the best of times, but in a manner like this, it to me shows that we can expect this to come to England.

They are in full scale panic because we are winning this war slowly, but surely. The response in Wales now and in England when they start this nonsense here must be a winter (and autumn) of non-compliance.

Most importantly as a nation (or as nations indeed), we need to return to God our creator and pray for deliverance from the spiritual wickedness in high places and pray for God to despatch this wicked regime.