Vaccines: Licensed to Kill?

by the Editor
Published 5/9/2019

As we approach the beginning of autumn, we can expect to see the usual drive for people to be vaccinated for the flu.

My advice is don't be vaccinated. I have covered original antigenic sin before on this website which you are at risk of suffering from should you get vaccinated. In addition there is also the fact that even if these vaccines were the protection which they are claimed to be (and they aren't), then they seem to guess at a random strain each year so you could be vaccinating against the wrong strain anyway.

Dissolving IllusionsVaccination Policy and UK Government
I recommend these 2 books on the subject of vaccination.

The two brilliant books above expose amongst other things, members of the pharmaceutical community being involved in approving vaccines known to be unsafe (and that is by their low safety standards) and known to kill. This is surely mass murder.

Vaccination was a topic in the latest episode of Humanity vs Insanity and there are some shocking exposures of some members of the pharmaceutical and medical communities included in here:

Of course the choice about vaccines is yours to make and a choice you should make fully informed. One of the best points I heard and I think it is in the video above is for parents who feel everyone should have their children vaccinated. The point is roughly as follows:

"If vaccines offer protection against whatever the disease in question is, why then should you worry if my child is not vaccinated? Your child surely must be safe and my child is my own concern."

Of course vaccines do not offer this brilliant protection that the pharmaceutical companies would have you believe. The theory behind vaccination isn't necessarily inherently bad, but the best way to be sure to get a correct and lasting immunity against is for your body to learn from the real thing. For things such as chicken pox and measles which unless you have something seriously wrong with you to begin with are minor (although, yes unpleasant) illnesses, vaccination is absolutely and utterly needless.

Conversely if you are to follow certain trails of evidence it appears those vaccinating may, far from protecting themselves and others, actually be harming others. I saw a medical professional stating that those that take the flu vaccine are more infectious that those who get the flu naturally.

A lot can be learnt from history with vaccines. History need not repeat itself this century. We've been through this argument before, the state got heavy handed and were eventually defeated by those who had had enough refusing to allow it to continue. Time has passed by since then though and the education system is not telling people of how this same sort of battle around vaccination has already played out at least once in our history.

I would in fact argue that those vaccinating to do your research. I have done mine and am happy to say I don't allow vaccines near my family or my self. Please do not make your decision just because I say so though, make the truth your own, do the research and settle the matter in your mind.