ID2020: Vaccine Passports for Supermarkets?

by the Editor
Published 19/2/2021

The time to stand up and be counted is now. As the Craven Freedom and others have been warning one of the intended outcomes of the Covid-19 lie is that you will have to have some sort of app/microchip/microdot/etc to go into and buy things from shops.

Dominic Raab drops the intention in this article below.

Dominic Raab says 'vaccine passports' COULD be used inside the UK | Daily Mail Online

Archived Version if Above Link is Changed or Deleted

Of course this has been followed by the usual denials by others in government, but we know full well the intention to bring this absolute outrage into being is there.

I ask how can anyone seriously believe this absolute nonsense of a pandemic anymore? It is beyond obvious there is no pandemic. With these scandalously untested new cell modifier vaccines, there is however the potential for a pandemic of vaccine adverse reactions later on in the year when the flu season comes back round. It could be that people who have had this vaccine get a lot more ill when they get the flu. This would no doubt be labelled a new variant and a lockdown brought about though rather than admit it was the fault of a vaccine.

The UK Column has been reporting on the alarming increase in deaths in care homes since this vaccine was introduced. Please take a look below:

Also you may want to read these below. It seems that the desire to have a complete control mesh online and offline is becoming more and more obvious:

The UK digital identity and attributes trust framework - GOV.UK

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Further Details - The UK digital identity and attributes trust framework - GOV.UK - They even manage to mention vaccination certification in this one.

Archived Version of Above Link

There is absolutely no need for this and it sounds very much like part of the ID2020 agenda. There is a need to stop things like online paedophiles, but any deviant like that with any brains will know of ways to disguise themselves. The ones that don't disguise themselves can easily be rounded up by targeting the paedophile sites and looking who accesses them rather than monitoring everything people do. The ones that know how to disguise their activities require careful weeding out by these appalling groups of people being infiltrated. Creating online ID schemes serves to oppress and spy on innocent people.

In terms of proof of age, we have existing ways to do this. There is absolutely no need for something like this.

This particular initiative is presented as not being a national identity card, but it is clearly laying groundwork to move stuff in that way, we can see all these schemes coming about including the health passports and they could quite easily be locked together.

It is clear that Parliament is embroiled in treason with this whole international Covid scam. That is a very serious crime and should (if we display a national backbone) see the end of the Labour, Liberal and Tory parties, but do we have enough of a collective backbone to see to it that happens?