Vaccination Series Part 1:

What is a Vaccination?

by the Editor
Published 1/9/2018
Minor sentence structure adjustment - 23/12/2019 (content unchanged)

This is the first in a series of articles discussing why you should avoid vaccines. Whether you are elderly and being offered a flu vaccine or a parent being pushed to vaccinate your child by fear tactics, I am going to hopefully give you all the information for you to be confident that rejecting these vaccinations is the correct course of action. Ultimately the choice is yours so please cross reference what I say and do your own research to back this up, but be assured I have no hidden motives here. I'm not on any payroll to smash vaccines. My motive here is that enough people have been harmed by vaccines and it needs to stop.

We're going to look at how the city of Leicester largely rejected vaccine over a century ago and beat disease. You will see how much better they did than largely vaccinated areas. We are going to look at how better sanitation and the removal of child labour dealt with many of the diseases which we now vaccinate for. We will cover how when vaccines came along both the death rates and infection rates for these diseases had already nose dived to near irrelevance statistically speaking and in a manner of which 1984's Ministry of Truth would be proud of, the vaccines were credited with having eradicated these diseases.

I did want to start with the topic of original antigenic sin (research it before I cover it if you want some advance knowledge), but I thought it best that we start at the beginning and go through a definition and history of vaccines to build up a foundation before we start dismantling the mainstream narrative on vaccines.

Before we go any further I would like to recommend 2 books. Both of these books have been immensely useful in the production of these articles and I would strongly urge any concerned parent, Doctor or individual to buy and read these books. These books will tell you far more than I am going to be able to on this subject and are written by experienced people with far more knowledge than me on these subjects. The writers deserve these books to be bought. They are worth buying.

The first book is called Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History. It is written by Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk. It is a sizable volume, but a gripping and highly informative read.


The second is Vaccination Policy and the UK Government: The Untold Truth. From excellent research including Freedom of Information requests, the vaccination committees are exposed as having approved a vaccine for use in the UK that was already known to be unsafe having been removed from use in other countries. When eventually forced to remove this vaccine from UK use, its licence was retained so it could be used to poison and murder children overseas. The book exposes many other outrages and it shows we have some very horrible goings on in this country.



It is with regret I say that I believe some involved at the top level in vaccinations are deliberately harming people for their own profit. Many Doctors are following what they are told so please don't assume your family Doctor is out to kill you. A GP has to have a knowledge of many aspects of health and we can't expect them to know in depth about every aspect of health. Perhaps show your Doctor the books I recommended above and challenge your Doctor to read them.

As we start on this journey, let us consider a few definitions to make clear what we are talking about.

What is an Inoculation?
An inoculation means to introduce into someone's body an antigenic substance, to produce a reaction from the immune system to a certain disease. An antigenic substance is something which stimulates antibody production.

What is Vaccination?
A vaccination is a prepared weakened or killed pathogen, like a virus or bacterium. It can also be a portion of the pathogen's structure. Upon being introduced to the body it stimulates antibody production or humoral immunity against the pathogen.

As we will go on to see a weakened or dead pathogen can cause Original Antigenic Sin where the body is programmed to react wrongly when it encounters the full strength version. It will react in the way that saw off the weakened version. This won't be enough to see off the full strength version, which will end up with it doing a vaccinated person more damage than it would do an unvaccinated person whose body examines the full strength virus and deals with it correctly instead of issuing a wrongly programmed response.

Humoral immunity involves substances found in the humours, or body fluids.

What is a Pathogen?
A pathogen is a virus, bacterium or other microorganism that can cause disease.

What is Immunization?
An immunization means inducing an immune response to a certain disease. This is achieved by a person naturally encountering it or from a laboratory produced antigen. The objective here being to program a body to respond with antibodies or otherwise to the antigen. I would strongly recommend avoid all jabs/vaccinations or whatever name they go by where you are.

It is important to note the difference between vaccination and immunity. You can have a vaccination and not be immunized. If your body doesn't develop immunity or if you are struck with Original Antigenic Sin you are not immunized.

Also you can be immune without vaccination. A mother can pass immunity via her breast milk and also by getting a disease the natural way and your body being correctly programmed on how to deal with future encounters of the same disease. Neither natural immunity or vaccinations guarantee lifetime immunity, but naturally obtained immunity is shown to be far more accurate and longer lasting. That will be backed up with evidence in a later part of this series of articles.

In part 2 we will look back over the past few hundred years at the state of living and how better sanitation and living conditions were the real eradicators of disease and not vaccinations and antibiotics.